Our Favourite Announcements From E3

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E3 was packed with loads of exciting announcements including some cinematic and gameplay trailers that make me question where I will find time in my life to play all this awesomeness. None the less, there are a few that really stood out for us. Here are some of our favourite announcements from this years 2017 E3 conference.

1. Anthem – We can’t wait to explore

This game excites us for it’s online FPS potential. The open world design comes together beautifully and we really can’t wait to start exploring the dangerous landscapes. Expected to come out in Autumn 2018.


2. Monster Hunter coming out on PC and Console

The game that has swept everyone on handhelds. Now we can expect it on the big screen as it’s re-imagined in a whole new world for console and PC gamers. Expect some of the best open world exploration, loot grinding and co-op monster hunting to come with this one. Out early 2018.


3. New Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch

Not much has been unveiled about this one but we’ve been told that Game Freak is developing a brand new Pokemon RPG for the Switch. Could the popular handheld series finally come to the big screen? Not sure about you, but I’m ready to catch ’em all again!


4. Best super-hero game makes a return?

Insomniac previewed it’s latest Spider-Man game and it’s looking to be a great one. Slinging through the city, running up buildings and beating bad guys to their senses. Just like the good old days. Expect this one sometime in 2018.


5. God of War – Father and son bonding

The God of war re-boot looks like something i’d happily sit in a movie theatre for and just watch for cool cinematics. Packed with the usual gore intensive action, Kratos has his son by his side. Expected release date is sometime in 2018.

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