An extra 10% off all Christmas Deals!

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Until January 3rd, we’re running a massive CHRISTMAS sale!

We have over 1 MILLION items on discount!

But let’s say you ask us for an EXTRA 10% off these already discounted prices… Some would say that’s greedy; we say “If you don’t ask you don’t get”. So introducing, for Christmas Only…

An extra 10% off these 1 MILLION discounted items! 

So, how do I get this extra 10% off? 


Step 1) Become Flubit Elite 

  • Our Flubit Elite members automatically get 5% off every item listed on Flubit. You can find out about becoming Flubit Elite right here. We offer a month FREE trial, no strings attached too!
  • Did you know? You can buy an annual subscription to Flubit Elite for 50% off, just by paying with MonetaryUnit (MUE)… see here


Step 2) Pay with MUE this week

  • This CHRISTMAS get an automatic 5% reduction at checkout IF you pay with the cryptocurrency MonetaryUnit (MUE).
    1. Are you completely new to CryptoCurrency and need a 101? Read our handy guide
    2. Have BitCoin but don’t have MUE? No problem, convert it without cost with us, right here
    3. Have MUE or CryptoCurrency but never paid with it on No fear read our handy little guide


That’s it! Become Flubit Elite and pay with MUE and you could get yourself an additional 10% off every Christmas Deal until January 3rd!

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