Eurovision 2017: Everything you need to know so far (and that drinking game!)

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After two rounds of Semi-finals, the Eurovision Grand Finale is nigh. Although a UK win might be unlikely, a bizarre night of comedy gold is always guaranteed. So give your wallet a rest this weekend and get your mates around instead, a perplexing evening of European vulgarity awaits.  Here’s our guide on what you need to know to throw the ultimate Eurovision night in…

The Line Up

For those of you who haven’t been watching the qualifiers so far, 26 hopefuls will be battling for musical glory in Ukraine tomorrow night. Although the infamous commentary of our dear friend Terry Wogan will be sorely missed, Graham Norton’s notorious ability to royally ‘put his foot in it’ should make for an entertaining evening ahead. Airing Live at 20.00 on BBC One,  here’s who we have in the mix for this Saturday’s show:

  1. Armenia: Artsvik, Fly With Me
  2. Australia: Isaiah, Don’t Come Easy
  3. Austria: Nathan Trent, Running on Air
  4. Azerbaijan: Dihaj, Skeletons
  5. Belarus: Naviband, Historyja Majho Zyccia
  6. Belgium: Blanche, City Lights
  7. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov, Beautiful Mess
  8. Croatia: Jacques Houdek, My Friend
  9. Cyprus: Hovig, Gravity
  10. Denamark: Anja, Where I Am
  11. France: Alma, Requieum
  12. Germany: Levina, Perfect Life
  13. Greece: Demy, This is Love
  14. Hungary: Joci Pápai, Origo
  15. Israel: IMRI, I Feel Alive
  16. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, Occidentali’s Karma
  17. Moldova: SunStroke Project, Hey,Mamma!
  18. Norway: JOWST, Grab The Moment
  19. Poland: Kasia Moś, Flashlight
  20. Portugal: Alma, Requiem
  21. Romania: Ilinca & Alex Florea – Yodel It!
  22. Spain: Manel Navarro, Do It For Your Lover
  23. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson, I Can’t Go On
  24. The Netherlands: OG3NE, Lights And Shadows
  25. Ukraine: O.Torvald, Time
  26. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, Never Give Up on You


The Drinking Game

For those of you partial to a tipple, you’re likely to have already heard of the Eurovision Drinking Game; arguably the most successful legacy the competition has left behind so far. With a barrage of ballads ahead of you, most of us will feel the need for booze to make it through the night – just keep it responsible guys. Here’s how you play…

Step one: Gather your mates and grab a bevy of your choice

(Heads up, a long drink is probably wise here. Your head will thank us in the morning!)

Step two: Tune into Eurovision and drink accordingly:

Take a one sip of your drink if…

  • There is a technical glitch / delay
  • The word ‘love’ pops up as a lyric
  • Graham Norton makes a mildly racist / sexist slur

Take two sips of your drink if…

  • An act enters the stage in traditional costume
  • An act uses a wind machine, smoke machine or pyrotechnics
  • A song features a 90’s boy band style key change

Take three sips of your drink if…

  • Acts are on their phones during judging
  • A country is awarded ‘nil poi’
  • You see an air guitar or a deeply emotional fist clench

Bonus rules… 

  • Every time a country awards their neighbor 12 points – Switch your drink with someone else in the room
  • Every time Terry Wogan is mentioned – Raise your glass to the heavens, last person to lift their glass drinks four sips
  • Every time the hosts gaze into each other’s eyes – Walk up to someone else in the room, stare into their eyes and tell them you love them (first one to laugh drinks four sips)

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