Enchantimals Dolls and Books: Perfect Pairs

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We’ve matched up the Enchantimals dolls with their adventures in the Enchantimals books. Follow our easy guide to the Wonderwood friends and make your own DIY bundle for hours of magical woodland fun!


Your Wonderwood BFF: Felicity Fox

Enchantimals FRH45 Playground Adventures Playset with Felicity Fox Doll and Flick Figure, Multi-Colour

Enchantimals FRH45 Playground Adventures Playset with Felicity Fox Doll and Flick Figure, Multi-Colour only £18.44 on Flubit.comBrief Description​Climb and swing into adventure with Felicity Fox doll and Flick fox on this tree-swing playset inspired by the world…Go to Product

Felicity Fox and her best friend Flick are on a playground adventure. We just wish it existed in real life, because what Wonderwood-obsessed child wouldn’t love this?!

There are so many ways to play around this Enchantimals playset. Felicity and Flick are prepared with a map and backpack for their trip to the playground.

Once they arrive they’ve just got to choose where to begin! Will they go for fox-themed swing, the lookout spot or maybe some tree climbing?


The Best Ever Felicity Fox Book:

Enchantimals: Adventure in Wonderwood: Book 2

Enchantimals: Adventure in Wonderwood: Book 2 only £3.86 on Flubit.comBrief Description

Felicity Fox and her bestie, Flick, have organised a fun camping trip for their friends. But when Bree Bunny’s…

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Find out what happens when a thunderstorm crashes Felicity and Flick’s camping trip! Can Bree Bunny come to the rescue before their plans are a wash-out?

Want to re-enact the story? Just add Bree Bunny and Twist! You’ll find their Enchantimals Kitchen Fun Playset right here – we think it’s great value with tons of accessories.


Your Wonderwood BFF: Danessa Deer

Enchantimals FNH23 Mini-poupée Danessa Deer Doll

Enchantimals FNH23 Mini-poupée Danessa Biche Deer Doll, Multi-Colour only £10.95 on Flubit.comBrief Description​Let danessa deer doll and her deer friend Sprint enchant you. The Enchantimals dolls are lovable characters who share a…Go to Product

​Danessa Deer and her animal friend, Sprint the deer, are ready to play! If you already know Danessa from the TV and web series you’ll recognise her purple hair and outfit combo right away.

And you can’t miss her distinctive antlers – how magical is that golden colour?


The Best Ever Danessa Deer Book:

Enchantimals: Journey to Frozenwood

Enchantimals: Journey to Frozenwood only £3.86 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionDanessa Deer and her bestie, sprint, are going on a journey with their Enchantimal friends. They are travelling to the…Go to Product

Danessa Deer and Sprint set out on a magical adventure to a strange land – on a very sweet quest. They’re travelling from their Wonderwood home to the land of Frozenwood in search of ice cream that never melts!


Your Wonderwood BFF: Patter Peacock

Enchantimals Garden Gazebo Patter Peacock Doll and Flap

Enchantimals Garden Gazebo Patter Peacock Doll and Flap only £22.17 on Flubit.comBrief Description​Pinkies up with Patter Peacock doll and her best friend Flap peacock for an enchanted tea party, filled with sweets…Go to Product

This Enchantimals playset is your invite to Wonderwood’s fanciest event. Patter Peacock and Flap are hosting an enchanted tea party at their Garden Gazebo!

There’s enough space for four characters to join the party, so you can invite your other dolls round for tea. With teacups and a teapot, a dessert stand and oodles of cake, it’s sure to be a magical afternoon.


The Best Ever Patter Peacock Book:

Enchantimals: Finding Home

Enchantimals: Finding Home only £4.4 on Flubit.comBrief Description

Meet the Enchantimals!
When a huge storm makes a mess in the land of Junglewood, Patter Peacock and her animal…

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Patter Peacock and Flap live in the land of Junglewood. A storm sweeps them away from their home, but Bree Bunny, Danessa Deer, Sage Skunk and Felicity Fox are here to help!

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