Try These Easy, Inspiring Activities Between Christmas and New Year

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Let’s fill those awkward days! If you’re short on inspiration, try some of these easy-going entertaining activities between Christmas and New Year.

We find that stale feeling sets in mid-morning on 27th December, but results may vary. When you’ve opened all your gifts and watched the best of the TV specials, it’s easy to lose your festive sparkle.

But you might not want to launch into anything too ambitious either, so we’ve come up with a few simple ideas to fill that tricky time of year.


You’re Welcome!

Write those thank you notes, send those ‘cheers’ texts! It’s not glamorous but it’s always appreciated, and if you leave it too long that nice thought will turn into a chore.


Hot Chocolate Challenge

Set up an artisan hot chocolate station. Collect leftover sprinkles, marshmallows, cream and chocolate and make a marvellous cocoa creation.

Take it to the next level by attempting Instagram-worthy photos of the final results.


Check Out a Christmas Trail

Spin out your Christmas spirit a bit longer – you never know, it might be quieter on those awkward midwinter days. Lots of lantern trails, light shows and themed walks are still open up to the end of December, and some even carry on into the New Year.

National Trust, NTS and English Heritage as well as local woodlands often have something on offer, so find what’s going on.


That’s a Wrap!

This is one for the creative folk. Once you’ve finished groaning at the world’s worst wrapping paper pun, find a new way to recycle your wrapping paper. Cut out the best-preserved sections to use in Christmas crafts next year and fold the stack away with the decorations.

This is a great activity to do in front of a made-for-TV movie or soap omnibus when you want to feel marginally less lazy.


Get Your Games in the Holiday Spirit

Calling all gamers! In all the excitement of opening up a new game on Christmas Day, don’t forget to check for holiday bonuses on your old favourites.

Pick up a Pikachu in a Santa hat with the annual Pokemon Go Christmas Event or throw snowballs in the GTA 5 Festive Surprise Christmas. Because nothing says ‘season’s greetings’ like a trip to Los Santos.


…Or Roll Out a Board Game

They’re a holiday classic for a reason. Best of all, if you’ve got a house full of relatives then it’s easier to find enough players.

You’re guaranteed to find either a family favourite everyone loves or a newer favourite that someone’s desperate to share with the group. Ticket to Ride, anyone?


Popcorn Time!

Check your local cinema listings. And yes, it’s a close relation of the TV but it involves leaving the house so we’ll call it a main event.

Mary Poppins, The Grinch, Ralph Break the Internet, Holmes & Watson… the list goes. With tons of new releases scheduled over the Christmas and New Year weeks, you’re guaranteed to find a great choice.


…Or Play Christmas Movie Bingo

Make it as advanced as you like, from the dad who doesn’t have time for his kids to the snow that starts falling just as it all works out OK.

Scroogy main character? Little girl who really believes? Kid who needs to rediscover the true magic of Christmas? Check, check, check!


And If You’re Feeling Ambitious…

Challenge yourself to add one more thing to your ‘2018 list’ between Christmas and New Year. Read one more book, complete one tough level… whatever it is, go for it.

And remember to eat plenty of chocolate and mince pies along the way!

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