Squish-tastic Easter Fun with Play-Doh Kitchen Creations

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Order up! Stir up some Easter holiday fun with Play-Doh Kitchen Creations playsets.

Mix up the good old Play-Doh fun we all remember with a dash of inventiveness. Add a few spoonfuls of ‘let’s pretend’ and you’ve got kitchen-themed kits that let your kids invent all kinds of weird and wonderful dishes.

You can’t eat the results, but with cool textures and sound effects, you can set up a play kitchen that feels a little more realistic than average.


PLAY-DOH B9014EU40 Kitchen Creations Sizzlin’ Stovetop

PLAY-DOH B9014EU40 Kitchen Creations Sizzlin’ Stovetop only £17.06 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionCook up some Play-Doh fun with real sizzlin’ sounds Place the skillet or saucepan on the stove to start a low…Go to Product

This Play-Doh playset steps up the play kitchen fun with a stovetop that really sizzles! Put the saucepan or grill pan onto the stove and you’ll hear the sizzle start.

Once you’ve stamped some pretend cuisine, just pop them into the pan and the sound effects turn up. You can even add a side dish, thanks to the four food-themed stampers.


Play-Doh Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker

Play-Doh Ultimate Swirl Ice Cream Maker only £29.51 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionYou’re not seeing double. For the first time ever, kids can make 2 amazing PLAY-DOH ice cream creations at the…Go to Product

Get your freshly made pretend ice cream sundaes here!

And they come complete with a clever workaround to cut down arguments in the ice cream parlour… This Play-Doh ice cream maker lets kids run two ice cream swirl machines at the same time.

Press a few toppings from the half moulds to make super fancy toppings for those pretend treats, and the invention possibilities are endless.


PLAY-DOH B9013EU40 Kitchen Creations Noodle Makin’ Mania

PLAY-DOH B9013EU40 Kitchen Creations Noodle Makin’ Mania only £18.26 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionCreate oodles of Play-Doh noodles and make-believe macaroni masterpieces Load Play-Doh compound to squeeze out piles of pretend pastas and more Choose…Go to Product

A fun kitchen-themed twist on the classic dough press from everyone’s playgroup days. Kids of today can train to be the next celebrity chef as they squidge noodles in four different shapes. Or use the book-mould and rolling cutter to make lasagne or ravioli in all the colours of the rainbow!

Now take a bit of inspiration from your kids and get out that pasta maker that’s lurking at the back of the kitchen cupboard…


PLAY-DOH B0307EU80 Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations Tray

PLAY-DOH B0307EU80 Sweet Shoppe Cookie Creations Tray only £11.21 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionWith intelligence and compassion, Belle finds a way to help the beast. This Disney’s little kingdom Belle doll wears a…Go to Product

Roll, cut and flip some colourful bakes with this Play-Doh Cookie Creations Tray. We’re cheating – this comes from the Sweet Shoppe range, but wouldn’t it make the perfect pretend dessert counter?

Who can make the brightest combination of pretend cookies and faux chocolate chips? Set a family challenge and find out!

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