Fun Do At Home Arts & Crafts Activities For The Easter Weekend

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Painting eggs for easter

Looking for some Easter arts & crafts to keep the kids entertained over the long weekend? We have some great arts & crafts ideas for kids – perfect if the weather keeps you indoors.

Egg decorating

easter egg decoratingThis is a super easy activity, all you’ll need is a plain white egg cup and a selection of stick-on craft materials such as stick-on letters and shapes.

Wash the egg cup and ensure it’s completely dry. Simply stick on your adhesive letters and shapes to make an individual design. Bright and bold stickers are particularly good for this activity as it allows the kids to create a range of different designs.

Cute egg creatures

egg creaturesEmpty an egg before you start by having an adult pierce the egg at both ends with a skewer or knife, widening one of the holes a bit. Poke a straightened paper clip through the wide hole and break the yolk, the contents will pour out. Once emptied, rinse the eggshell and allow to fully dry.

It’s easy to make dye – In a jar, mix 1 teaspoon vinegar, 20 drops food colouring and a cupful of warm water. Submerge the egg and keep it down with a paper cup containing water, let it soak for around 5 minutes for light colours and up to 10 minutes for darker shades. Remove the egg with tongs for stain free fingers and place on a paper towel to dry.

The dye should be fully dry before features are glued. Glue on feet or legs first so the egg will stand up! For ears, dab glue on edge of felt or crepe paper, affix and let dry, then fold up. Add small details like eyes with a blob of paint or a marker.

Thumbprint chicks

thumbprint chicksYou will need washable yellow poster paint, scraps of orange paper or a fine orange felt tip pen, a fine black marker pen, some white paper or card, googly eyes or tiny circles of paper and some PVA glue.

Have your little one press their thumb into the paint and make a thumbprint onto a piece of white paper or card. Wait until the thumbprint is dry and use the black pen to add in details and either the orange pen or a small piece of orange paper for the beak. The just attach the eyes with a small dot of glue. These make really nice homemade Easter cards or gift tags too!

Hairy egg heads

egg heads grass hairYou will need an eggshell, cotton wool balls, felt tips, an empty toilet roll tube, some grass or cress seeds.

Carefully crack the egg trying to keep as much of the shell in one piece as possible. Pour out the egg, rinse the eggshell and rest somewhere safe to fully dry out.

Draw a face on the egg and place it in the toilet roll tube so that it doesn’t fall over! Put a piece of damp cotton wool in the bottom of the egg shell and sprinkle grass or cress seeds on top.

Leave it in a warm sunny place and continue to water every day and ‘hair’ should start growing within a few days.

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