How Do I Get Flubit Points? And How Do I Spend Them?

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You may be thinking what are Flubit points? How do I use my Flubit points? and most importantly how do I Flubit points?

Flubit points

Flubit provides an effective point system for all our Elite and Non-Elite sassy shoppers. Giving you an even better shopping experience when shopping at  There are numerous simple and quick ways that you can earn points such as filling out your puzzle when you first join to leaving a review. There are also numerous ways you can spend your Flubit points such as reducing your waiting time if you are a non-elite member  or you can revive expired deals. Here is a chart on all the ways you can earn and use your points. Use them wisely!

Flubit Point system


If you have any future questions when it comes to using  Flubit Points or any other questions based on Flubit, please don’t be shy! Feel free to email us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook or you could tweet us @Flubitweet! 

Saving money can be a struggle especially when you’re running low on your essentials  but haven’t received your paycheck yet. By using Flubit you will be able to save more and stretch your paycheck further! Demand a better price on your shopping using Simply find the product you want on and paste the product URL into Flubit and you can save up to 15% on your purchase.

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