Duplo Sets For Building A Fun-Filled Childhood

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Ready, Get Set, Build!

Everyone seems to have a memory of building with Duplo bricks. Whether you were a tiny tot trying to build yourself a castle or a grown up helping to fire your little one’s imagination, we’ve all had some experience with Duplo somewhere along the line. Those iconic bricks have been providing children aged 18 months to 5 years old with hours of fun since their launch back in 1969 and we’d bet you didn’t know that they’re in fact compatible with their brother bricks, Lego! Well here at Flubit we’re more than a little bit crazy about the blocks that helped to shape our childhood – that’s why we’ve put together a selection of the best Duplo sets – so now you can introduce the character building toys to your little people.

But nowadays Duplo sets aren’t just about the bricks, there are hundreds of characters to create kingdoms for. From Disney royalty to circus animals, your little one can let their imagination really run wild.

Here are just a few of our favourite Duplo sets, available at Flubit right now:

Duplo Town: Treasure Attack Set

Duplo sets

A scene they’ll treasure forever, only £39.12

A great start to a great little story, this treasure heist-based Duplo set comes with 3 knight figures, a horse-drawn carriage, castle tower with opening window, apple tree, catapult, swords, treasure and more! All that’s required is a sprinkling of imagination and this brilliant battle scene will be brought to life!

Duplo Town: Fireboat Set

Duplo sets

Ignite their imagination for just £21.76

You’ve just got the call – there’s a fire in town and hundreds of people need your help! There’s only one thing for it – launch the fire rescue boat NOW! Accessories include a retractable hose, fake fire flame, firefighter figure, dog figure and an easy-to-build boat. Perfect for introducing your little ones to the dangers of fire.

Duplo Circus Transport Set

Duplo sets

Have a giraffe for just £11.75

Those animals aren’t going to take themselves to the circus so it’s your job to make sure they get there on time with the help of this fabulous circus transport set. It comes with a truck and circus trailer as well as the driver, dressed as a clown, and a very cute giraffe. Suitable for children aged 2 and upwards.

Duplo Fun Creations Set

 Duplo sets

Create just about anything for just £30.13


This Duplo set has been designed to really let your child’s motor skills, construction abilities and imagination develop. Consisting of 70 brightly coloured bricks in different shapes, colours and sizes, your little person can build everything from sea creatures and popsicles to transport and crowns fit for kings or princesses. In fact, this set is so versatile, the possibilities really are endless! Ready-made parts include a propeller, traffic cone, flowers and more.

More Duplo Sets Than You Can Shake A Brick At!

If your little one loves Duplo sets, check out our Pinterest board for more great ways to build a fun-filled childhood.

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