Driving Guide: Everything A Learner Needs To Know

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Are you keen to get your license but not sure where to start? Whether your plan is to start learning from your parents or to dive straight in with a qualified instructor there are a few things you need to know.

Provisional Driving License

Before you take a seat behind the wheel it is important that you apply for your provisional driving license. Applying for your provisional to drive a motorbike or car is really simple as long as you can pay the fee of £34 and meet the requirements listed below.

  • be at least 15 years and 9 months old
  • be able to read a number plate from 20 meters away
  • provide an identity document unless you have a valid UK biometric passport
  • have your national insurance number if known

It’s important to remember you can not book/take your theory or drive a car until the age of 17.

Apply for your provisional driving license here. 

Theory Test

Theory test

Passing your theory test is a great feeling and means you’re half way through your learning experience and you’ll soon upgrade your green license to a qualified pink one!

When can I take my theory test?

You can take your theory test the day from your 17th birthday as long as you have your provisional and pay the fee of £23.

Are there any tools to help me pass?

Many people make the mistake of not revising for the test and fail. It is important that you revise the topics needed so not only can you pass but to understand how to drive safe on the roads. Here is the official, most recent test kit from the DVLA. 

The Official DVSA Complete Theory Test Kit 2016


What happens in a theory test?

There are two parts of the theory test which include multiple choice questions and the hazard perception. The hazard perception will test you on your ability to spot potential hazards, all you need to do it click on the mouse every time you spot a potential hazard.

To pass your theory test you will need to get a minimum of 43/50 on the multiple choice section and a minimum of 44/75 on the hazard perception section.

Once you pass your theory test you then have 2 years to pass your practical test.

Book your theory test here. 

Driving Lessons

Paying for driving lessons can be the expensive part of learning to drive, try to save up as much money as you can so you can take them regularly. Skipping weeks of lessons can you set you back and can result in you paying for more lessons.

Most driving schools offer a bundle package which can be a bit cheaper than paying as you go, ever penny counts!

Driving Test

Driving test

The big day! Your practical test will last around 45 minutes and will test you on driving safely and confidently. To take your driving test you must be at least 17, passed your theory test and pay the test fee of £62. You will also have to pay your instructors normal hour rate for the use of his/her car unless you would like to take your test in your own car. 

What do I need to bring to my test?

  • Theory test pass certificate
  • Provisional license 

What happens on a driving test?

When you first get into the car with your examiner you will be asked to read out a number plate of a parked car to ensure there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. You will then be asked “show me, tell me” questions which are checking your knowledge on vehicle safety. You will then be asked to do a manoeuvre which can range from bay parking to a three point turn on a hill. Your test will also include independent driving. Your examiner will give you a set of directions to follow and you must do so for around 10 minutes.

What do I need to do to pass?

  • No more than 15 faults
  • No major faults
Book your driving test here. 

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