Corsair Gaming VOID Stereo Gaming Headset Review

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Getting stuck into the Tom Clancy’s: Division world for a  quite some time required me to get some decent gaming headphones. Now I had an additional requirement, I have managed to convince my wife to play with me from time to time. However, we always had the same problem of hearing each other through Teamspeak. What is obvious in this case is that I needed noise cancelling, either in form of direct microphone or noise cancelling microphone. The problem is that most gaming headsets today are omnidirectional. From the start, these will make all other efforts futile (especially when you sit next to each other and your wife’s get very emotional and vocal about you really smashing it together) unless you are ready to pay some serious quid for gaming headphones. This is why only noise cancelling headphones was on my radar and why I took interest in Corsair VOID, from the sea of similar products.

Corsair is not known well for their headphones but for their sceptics. I was settled on metal frame with steel bearings connecting ear cups, which offers a 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm adapter, so you can use it with PC and game controller. The earcups look a bit triangular but are at most comfortable and leave a lot of place for ears, while not overheating your ear. 
The microphone is non-detachable and is not flexible so you have to work with what you got, but it gives a really good a clear sound. On the other side, it does not move on its own and there are no extra buttons on the wire that are usually first to fail in gaming headphones. The volume nob is put directly behind the left ear cup, same as the mute button, for when you do not want your friends to listen to your surroundings. The only real minus is that wire is not detachable, so once you break the cord, you’ll be buying a new pair. However,  its extra protected so it will take you some time to render it inoperable.

Going back to its prime feature and where the product got its name from, the noise cancellation microphone. It really does works and with my vocal wife, I was just able to nullify hear a voice in the background when streaming from the microphone.

For its price is one of the best on the market and I would highly recommend all Flubit gamers to try out!

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