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Unlock The Secret To Cooler Keys

No bunch of keys is complete with a couple of novelty items dangling from it. Whether they’re a memento from a holiday abroad, a tribute to your favourite film, band or football team or just something a little quirky to brighten up your day, they’re a must-have for everyone. Keyrings can also be practical too. If you’re the sort of person who loses things easily, having a brightly coloured keyring can help make locating your missing keys that little bit easier. So, if you’re looking for something to liven up an otherwise boring bunch of keys, look no further. We’ve got a wide selection of cool keyrings that’ll make you smile on even the greyest of winter days.

Let’s unlock our haul:

Mod Target Enamel Keyring

cool keyrings

Go mod fer it, at only £4.41

Fancy yourself as a bit of a mod? Love The Who, The Jam and The Small Faces? Walk around town with that Liam Gallagher-esque swagger? If that’s a yes to everything then this simple but very impactful keyring will be right up your street. Attach it to your keys or for maximum mod points, clip it to your wallet strap.

Adventure Time PVC Keyring

cool keyrings

A little slice of the Land of Ooo, just £2.69

Adventure time is one crazy cartoon – and if you’re a fan of it, chances are you’re a little bit bonkers too! So why not show the world you like things a tad topsy-turvy with this cute keyring. Made from tough, multi-layered rubber, this piece of officially licensed Adventure Time merch will transport you straight to the Land of Ooo.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Keyring

cool keyrings

Quidditch’s object of desire, just £2.69

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then you’ve probably already got a few cool keyrings relating to the hit films. But do you have the Golden Snitch, the one thing every Quidditch player has their heart set on acquiring? If not, then it’s definitely time you got your hands on it. But fear not – there’s no need to ride an unruly broomstick or dodge the angry opposition in order to own it! Phew!

‘I Love You’ Keyring Set by Trixes

cool keyrings

The key to their heart, only £3.59

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this two-piece keyring set could make the perfect gift for you and that special someone. How does it work? Well, one of you keeps the key and the other keeps the heart. When you’re together you’ll see that the key fits perfectly into the heart, so when you’re apart you’ll always be united, sort of. OK, so it’s a little bit soppy but it certainly beats the predictable box of chocolates or the single red rose, right?

More Cool Keyrings? We’re Pinterested!

Browse even more of our cool keyring collection! Just hop on over to our latest Pinterest board and you’ll find an array of colourful companions for your keys!

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