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Life is Better in Colour

Think colouring-in is a pastime purely for the kids? Not anymore! It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation and we’re fully behind it! Recent studies have found that in adults, colouring-in the intricate patterns in colour therapy books can have a positive effect on mental health, promoting mindfulness and relaxation.

For example, if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at the office and want to wind down without the prospect of a hangover the next day, ditch the Sauvignon Blanc, grab your coloured pens or pencils, a decent colouring book and get filling in those white spaces! You’ll be amazed at how therapeutic the action can be.

Here at Flubit, we’ve been getting a piece of that action too and can report that we’re very much obsessed with this creative, calm-inducing trend.

Fancy trying your hand at colouring too? Check out our impressive selection of anti-stress colour therapy books for adults. It’s time to embrace this colourful new craze!

Vintage Designs Colouring Book
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Go retro for just £6.48

Love vintage design? If so, you’ll love filling in the blank spaces in this charming collection of classic images. Why live in the real world when you can gaze at pretty, old fashioned hot air balloons and float away on a cloud of tranquility. Ah, that’s better!

Nature Dot to Dot Colouring
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Take a walk on the wild side for only £7.21

If you’ve got a passion for the natural world, you’ll be in your element with this nature-themed anti-stress colouring book. Simply start off by joining the dots, then when you’ve formed the outline of the animal, plant or stunning scene, grab your colouring pencils and bring it all to life.

Fabulous Copycat Colouring
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The easy way to colour your day, just £3.88

If you’re a little clueless when it comes to colour, this copycat colouring book will ensure you don’t need to think about where to place a purple or whether blue is the correct hue. Each page is full of pretty, delicate patterns, proven to help you relax and unwind. Just look at the finished example, pick up your pencils and get copying their colours for a stress-free way to while away the day.

The Walking Dead Colouring Book
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Dead relaxing and only £8.66

OK, so slaying zombies isn’t something you’d usually consider as relaxing, but trust us, filling in these action-packed pages will help you feel good! If you’re a fan of the hit TV series, then colouring in gritty scenes featuring Rick and his friends in their frightening post-apocalyptic world will definitely lift the spirits. Probably not one for the faint-hearted though!

Manga Japanese Colouring Book
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Manga mania, just £6.50

One of our favourite colour therapy books, this cute colouring book features intricately drawn Japanese princesses and warriors, ready for you to bring to life. Enchanting and inspiring, you’ll lose hours colouring in this magical kingdom, suitable for adults and children alike.

Check Out More Colour Therapy Books!

Our Pinterest board features dozens of ideas for adding more colour and calm to your life.

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