How code-a-pillar can turn your little one into a little genius!

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Fishers Price new learning toy, Code-a-pillar has been a massive hit with the kids recently and has been announced as one of the toys to watch this Christmas by retailer Hamleys. Since I previously attempted to learn to code myself, I was intrigued to know how a toy could teach little minds from 3-6 to code.

Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy
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How does Code-a-pillar work?

Code-a-pillar comes with eight different segments and a motorised head that are extremely easy to work with. Each little segment represents a different action. For example; the green arrow means straight ahead, the orange arrow pointing to the left would take code-a-pillar to the left, the yellow arrow bending to the right would take code-a-pillar to the right and the purple speaker icon which plays music.

Once your little genius has figured out each segment you can then introduce them to a challenge with the red and green target disks. Your little one would have to figure out the right sequence of segments so Code-a-pillar starts on the green target pad and finishes on the red.

How will my child benefit from Code-a-pillar?

There is no educational toy like Code-a-pillar. Taking fun learning beyond ABC’s and 123’s by introducing your little one to a world of patterns and problem solving. Your child will also gain critical thinking skills when trying to solve problems which link back to coding. How I hear you ask? Well, connecting each of the segments is similar to sequencing and creating a path is programming.

What do I do when my child has mastered how to reach targets?

There are numerous things your child can get up to whether they have mastered code-a-pillar or not. To make things more fun, you can use household items like tin cans or pillows to create a course or you could have an afternoon of arts and crafts creating code-a-pillar his very own city to roam!

Can I buy spare segments?

Yes, Code-a-pillar comes with the basic segments mentioned before. However, you can also buy expansion packs that offer new actions.

If you wanted to send your Code-a-pillar on longer journeys you can purchase more of the basic segments. This pack includes one go forward segment, one turn right segments and one turn left segment.

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If your child has mastered the basic segments and fancy’s a challenge the master moves expansion pack will do just that. This set involves one right turn at 45 degrees, one left turn at 180 degrees and one repeat the previous action segment.

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If your child enjoys the sounds and the different colours Code-a-pillar makes you should consider buying this silly light and sounds expansion pack. This pack includes one sleepy segment, one wacky segment and one happy segment.

Silly Sounds & Lights Expansion Pack
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