Christmas Lights – lighting up for the festive season

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Halloween is just around the corner, and the Autumn Equinox just past. The Christmas lights start to quietly appear in the shops, almost by stealth. The sure fire way to know that festive season is on its way, is when the nights start to draw in. Humans can be alittle like moths to a candle when it gets dark. We start to seek out the pretty lights. Almost certainly the dark nights of winter were what brought about the advent of christmas lights.

Families actually go out to look at homes with the most spectacular lights and deocrations in their neighbourhood. Many a short sketch has been broadcast on TV about neighbours feuding over these lights. Now they have are accessible to anyone who wants them either inside or outside their home.

Christmas lights – Indoor or Outdoor?

Cluster christmas lights 720 W-White Multi-action Cluster – Premier Christmas Lights LV082120WW only £32.88 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionLength of Lead – 19.3m Colour of Bulb: Warm White Number of Bulbs – 720 Suitable for indoor or outdoor use….Go to Product

When you decide to invest in some lights to bring some Christmas cheer to your family and possibly the neighbourhood too, safety should come first. Always check whether the lights that you are purchasing are suitable for indoor or outdoor use or both. The Premier cluster light kit contains a spectacular 720 lights that can be used both indoors and out. With warm white light bulbs they are ideal for an external tree. The 19.2 metre cable indicates what a spectacular site they will be on a cold and dark night, making a spectacular landing strip for Santa. It wont take many boxes of these to outstrip the Joneses next door!

Chaser lights to catch the eye

Chaser christmas lights 24 Chaser Icicles with 72 Blue LEDs – Premier Christmas Lights LV081336B only £17.4 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionHigh quality decorations and lights from Premier 24 chaser icicles Length of cable to first light 10m Lighting Length 6.9m For outdoor use…Go to Product

Premier simply produce some of the best Christmas lights out there. There is no surprise then that their exterior chaser lights are extremely popular. With a length from the first light being a generous 10 metres, it will be easy to plug these in and still hang them from the garage roof or along a gutter. Specifically designed for outside use, they will draw attention not only from your neighbours but also from further afield.

Take the lights to the party

Merry Christmas Fairy Lights Necklace with 6 Flashing Lights only £2.96 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionA truly festive flashing lights necklace Deck the halls and yourself with this festive decoration Perfect for Xmas day, office party’s, gatherings…Go to Product

So you’re feeling festive and the season is filled with novelty. Why not take the lights with you? Whether its a family celebration or an office party, everyone is bound to love these. Fabulous to wear when the room gets dark, think of the fun! At the price everyone in the family or the department can have some lights of their own. Any celebration will do over the festive season and maybe even a cheeky fashion accessory for midnight mass!

The old fashioned way

Noma AK543GM Christmas Alderbrook Indoor Static Fairy Lights, Glass, Multi-Colour, 40-Piece only £11.47 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionIf you are looking for the traditional fairy light to light up your Christmas festivities then look no further! These…Go to Product

While its fun to bring a new way into doing things, sometimes the old is just as good. A good set of fairy lights for your indoor tree is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to festive joy. While they may not work on the same premise as a SAD light, these will stir old memories and bring a familiarity to the excitement of the season. These static lights offer a colourful but gentle ambience to the Christmas tree while the rest of the fuss takes place around it. Every now and then its really stress relieving to stop from all the prep and simply take a break in fron the lights. All in anticipation of Santas arrival.

Whether you like to do things on a large scale and go the whole hog or simply have a small tree in the corner at home, there are christmas lights for everyone. So why are we talking about these lights before anything else? Well, when theyre gone theyre gone, and without lights, Christmas just isnt the same. Is it?


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