All I Want for Christmas is a New High Volume Sales Channel

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I know what you are thinking. Isn’t it a little too early to be thinking about Christmas?

The summer holidays still have a lot of life left in them and it’s months before the big Q4 sales rush hits. Surely there is enough time to kick back and enjoy the dog days of summer before I start worrying about Christmas?

Well maybe…

But then perhaps you should consider this:

In 2015, UK consumers spent more than £24 billion with online retailers during the eight-week period between 1st November and 26th December.

This doesn’t take into account consumers who start their Christmas shopping activities a little earlier – and many do. It’s estimated that 40% of shoppers actually start their Christmas shopping as early as October.

This means, if you wait until 31st October (a date the eCommerce community has traditionally woken up in a blind panic to the festive sales period) to start planning your Christmas sales activities, the lost opportunity might be a lot more frightening than Halloween itself.

So it makes sense to take the opportunity the slower summer months provide to get your Christmas sales strategies in place while the sun is still shining.

Instant Reach

Increasing the number of retail sales channels you operate on is just one way you can dramatically improve your fortunes this Christmas.

As the UK’s largest independent online marketplace, Flubit offers an incredible opportunity to position your products in front of millions of price-conscious consumers, with zero listing or final value fees.

And you won’t just be finding new customers on the Flubit marketplace. Thanks to their rapidly growing network of e-commerce partners, your products can also be found across a wide range of high profile online shopping destinations, including major online newspapers, cashback and voucher code sites and affiliate feeds.

The good news is, if you already sell via eBay, Amazon or your own website using a multi-channel retail solution like ChannelAdvisor, VOLO, Linnworks, Magento, StoreFeeder or SellerExpress, integration is quick and painless.

Remember: Flubit’s unique commercial model guarantees that retailers don’t pay any listing or final value fees, it also ensures they receive their full listing price for each product sold, giving them complete understanding and control over margins and profits.

Beat the Last Minute Christmas Rush

Flubit retailers can also become more agile retailers this Christmas.

The launch of Flubit Go, a same-day delivery service with guaranteed one-hour delivery slots for online shoppers in London, Manchester and Birmingham, will also enable Flubit retailers to compete with major online retailers like Amazon on price and ultra-convenient delivery schedules, as well as helping them target last minute shoppers and take their Christmas sales right up to the wire.

Christmas Bonus

With so much going on, Flubit retailers can be sure of a little extra under their Christmas tree come the big day. To start your Christmas celebrations a little earlier this year and learn more about how Flubit can help you reach new customers and drive demand for your products visit:

About the Author: John W. Hayes has over 18 years of experience in online marketing and ecommerce. Author of 3 books in his industry he contributes at numerous international events and various industry blogs. Follow him on twitter @john_w_hayes.

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