Chocolate Lovers Gifts: The Sweetest Way To Their Hearts

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Choc Til You Drop This Christmas

It’s the time of year for indulging in a little (or a lot) of what you fancy, so there’s no better time to give the gift of chocolate. And if you know someone with an obsession for the sweet stuff, you’ve come to the right place. Our team here at Flubit have put together a selection box of the finest, most mouth-watering chocolate lovers gifts, from naughty but oh-so-nice chocolate pizzas, chocolatey face masks (yes, really) and chocolate-themed phone cases. 

So, let’s unwrap the sugary treats we have in store and get ready for an experience even Willy Wonka would struggle to better!

Faith In Nature Luxury Organic Chocolate Soap

chocolate lovers gifts

Raise the bar for only £10.34

Eating chocolate just isn’t enough for some people, so how about washing with it too? Though not edible, this luxurious soap certainly smells like it. The aim then? To nourish skin with its unique blend of cocoa infused with vanilla, nourish the senses and stay clean, of course! Made by Faith In Nature, this chocolatey bath buddy comes from their award-winning range of natural beauty products and cares for the environment. Another reason to feel great!

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Heavenly Honeycomb Pizza Slice

chocolate lovers giftsA slice of fun, just £3.66

What could be more scrumptious than pizza and chocolate combined? Well, ok, this isn’t strictly a pizza but it’s still pretty damn cool. We love the fact it comes packaged as a slice and this Heavenly Honeycomb number makes the perfect stocking filler for anyone with a love of the cocoa bean. Go on, deliver the goods (for way less than your local takeaway shop)!

Chocolate At Home by Will Torrent

chocolate lovers gifts

Recipes for happiness, only £14.13

Want to earn extra (chocolate) brownie points from a choccy-loving friend or relative this Christmas? This fabulous step-by-step recipe book, written by master chocolatier, Will Torrent, is the perfect way to enable them to really get creative with chocolate. The best part? Once they’ve finished making, they get to devour the fruits of their labour. Just don’t forget to ask for an invitation to their house once they’ve done made their masterpieces, they can’t have all the fun!

Montagne Jennesse 7th Heaven Hot Melted Chocolate Mask

chocolate lovers gifts

A slice of heaven for the face, just £1.64

One of our favourite chocolate lovers gifts, this hot melted chocolate face mask is scented with the sweet stuff and made with Mediterranean clay to rid the skin of dirt and oils. Perfect for a girlie night in or a mission to scare the living daylights out of your flatmate, this beauty mask is an absolute must for anyone who wants to take their passion for chocolate to a whole new level.

Unwrap Even More Chocolate Lovers Gifts

If you’re still not satisfied, head on over to our latest Pinterest board, where you’ll find even more chocolatey chances to make someone’s Christmas or birthday. Chocs away!

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