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Protecting our user’s data

When logging in, some of our existing Flubit users may be prompted to change the passwords for their Flubit accounts. We want to assure you that this is nothing to worry about, we’re not the latest organisation to fall victim to hacking or anything dodgy!

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Amazon vs Hachette

You may or may not have heard, books from Hachette publishing group have been largely unavailable through Amazon over a war on ebooks profits

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Roundup – BBC2’s Business Boomers, Amazon’s Retail Revolution

One of Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos’ most famous quotes is “Your margin is my opportunity”. Over the past decade, Amazon has targeted numerous sectors, squeezing the margins of smaller online retailers in order to offer the customer a lower cost alternative. But what if there was a model that provided the consumer with an attractive discount, and allowed the e-tailer to protect their margins?

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Easter Eatin’

One of our favourite things about Easter is all the delicious food, so whether you’re cooking for friends, family or flatmates, we’ve got fool-proof recipes for dishes that are sure to impress!

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