Front End Engineer

Flubit Ltd is the UK’s brightest ecommerce technology company and online shopping platform. We operate the hugely popular website (checkout our reviews), as well as SKU Cloud which is … Read more »

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Secret Santa!

With a mountain of presents perched under the Flubit Christmas tree everyone was full of excitement to tear through the wrapping paper and see what awesome, funny and even embarrassing gifts their anonymous senders had wrapped them…

Ice Skating Flubit

Flubit Christmas Party!

It’s that time of year and after working very hard for the whole of the year, the Flubit gang were more than ready to let their hair down and enjoy the festivities. This year we were off to a private boat party on the Thames!

Flubit drones

Flubit’s Drone Delivery Program

It’s a Friday in December, and we’re feeling festive, so we have some very-airy news to announce… Today, we launched the FlubDrone Delivery Program, Will paper-clips and a hand-drawn logos give the look and feel you want when a loud buzzing noise lands in your garden? Maybe, maybe not…

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