How to care for your guinea pig

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Pets are known to really improve our quality of life, even the tiniest of pets can make us smile and feel great. One fantastic pet choice for those that are not a fan of dogs or cats has to be the guinea pig. Whilst they don’t require the same level of care as larger pets, they give plenty of love in return. They are also robust, which makes them ideal for children.

Want to take proper care of your guinea pigs? If you do, then there are some things that you are going to need to buy. To help you, we have put together our top tips for how to care for your guinea pig.

Buy the right guinea pig bedding

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It is no secret that guinea pigs are not the cleanest of animals. After all, they have to do their business in a relatively small space. You can make sure that their hutches are a little bit cleaner by not only changing their bedding regularly, but also buying the right bedding too. Sawdust is the common choice, but there are plenty of other options that you can consider too.

Feed them a good diet

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Guinea pigs have particular dietary needs. They not only need hay and the standard guinea pig food that you can buy, but they also need plenty of fruit and vegetables too. This keeps up their vitamin C and makes sure that they are healthy. It is important to check whether or not it is safe for your guinea pig to eat before you feed it to them.

Make sure that they have access to hay

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Guinea pigs not only rely on hay as a form of bedding and a way to keep warm. But they also need to eat it to maintain a healthy digestive tract. One way to make sure that they have access to clean hay that they can eat is to install a hay manger into their hutch. These keep some hay away from the floor and make it easy for them to access.

Give them plenty of love

Just like any other pets, guinea pigs love to be cuddled and stroked by their owners. Most guinea pigs are more than happy to sit on your lap and be stroked, as long as they have a constant supply of things to nibble on. However, if you are worried about them scratching, you can put down a thick blanket, towel or cushion.

Owning a pet, no matter which one it is, is incredibly rewarding. Why not opt for a smaller animal like a guinea pig and have a new addition to your family?

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