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Almost everyone can remember a rainy Sunday afternoon during their childhood playing cards games. In fact its likely they played card games at school, brownie or cub camp or even when visiting friends. In the days of yore when most homes boasted at least one 52 card pack of standard cards families played together. As the digital age has dawned card games have become electronic. The traditional cardboard card has still survived. This is probably because of the tangible nature of the activity, especially for children.

Card games for memory

One of the first games that most people wll recall is snap! The object of the game being to quickly recognise two identical cards that appear consecutively. There are other memory games where the cards are turned face down and by taking turns in turning them over the winner will be the one with the best recall. As toy and game developers have expanded on these concepts so have the games they have manufactured.

Playing cards are rarely designed to be used for a single game. Most packs of playing cards will come with sets of rules for multiple games. Of course these can be played with the same set of cards. Dobble is a very good example. A set of round cards that is easy for young children to use involces objectives that mean the winner will either acquire all their cards or dispose of all their cards. Made with quality board and stored away easily in the box, these are games that survive for generations.

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Time Limits

memory games are great fun to play, but what happens we add an extra element? Time limitations. As soon as the pressure is applied to achieve the goal within the best possible time frame, the game becomes more exciting. This is a very useful way to teach children to think quickly while under pressure and definitely develops their wider cognitive skills. Dobble also comes with alternative gameplay that includes a timer. So if your children are just that little bit older try the Dobble Chrono.

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Crowdfunded card games

Possibly one of the most famous new card games available to buy is Exploding Kittens. With a name like that anyones curiosity would be piqued. This card game was developed and produced by the largest crowdfunding success on Kickstarter. It is said that If you loved kittens, explosions and laser beams this games is for you. A simple game of how lucky you are at any given time is fantastic for those who cant bear the anticipation. The object of the game is not to explode, you can use defuser cards and attack others in order to stay alive. Its the tactics you use to survive that makes the game so much fun. Last man standing wins.

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The Classic card games

If youve not heard of UNO, you’ve lived an overly sheltered life. Uno is one of the classic card games that has been revisited with every possible style and theme. With games that are designed for the very young, this could be their first game involving numbers, to games Grandad likes to play. You’ll never get bored with Uno. variations include playing with Power cards, which mean that you have power over certain colours and also time limited games. Introduce the game to your youngest child first and the whole family will come to enjoy it.

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If youre accustomed to playing good old fashioned patience, or Gin Rummy, then the time has come to explore whats available. The younger generations will thank you for it, and youll tahnk yourself. No more boring Sunday Afternoons. Especially when its raining.

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