Camping comforts – 5 critical items to make it a better experience

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Everybody has done some camping at some point in their lives. Whether it is a distant schoolday memory or a regular weekend activity we have all been there. Camping is for most an adventure. It allows us to hark back to the days of the wild west. Alternatively, we choose to delve even further into our neanderthal nomadic instincts. Becoming and remainig a happy camper is the true challenge. Suddenly having to deal with a variety of insect beasties or negotitating a tent pitch on a slope are things that modern life hasnt really prepared us for.  This modern life has nevertheless equipped us comforts that make these little annoyances easier to deal with.

Camping comfort number one – the led light

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In the olden days we used to sit around a campfire untilit went out. We then either stumbled around in the dark or went to bed. Now you can stay up and enjoy your camping break until you want toretire to bed, with the handy lighthouse lantern. In years gone by campers had to use gas lamps sparingly, but now you are worry free provided that you have a stock of rechargeable batteries.

Tent pegs that light up

Tripping over tent wires and other accessories is probably the number one cause of injuries when living outdoors. there is no better way to manage this preventable hazard by providing light. Tent pegs with attached lights are the latest novel way to deal with this and have proven to be a best seller. Now with lights to guide your path, you need never literally bring the entire house down again!

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Apart from creating a safer environment, the lights also deter pests and the unwanted nocturnal creatures that disturn campers. packaged with batteries for your convenience these come in a pack of two and two sets would easily provide a visible layout of the tent at night.

A warm Shower when you want one

The camping shower is probably one of the most favoured inventions. Those that really enjoy wild camping will confirm that a warm shower after a long day does the trick for a good nights sleep. These fabulous items heat up in the sun during the day and the water can reach 40 degrees in temperature. no batteries needed its, all about heat from the sun.

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On average it takes only about three hours to warm up, so even if you only have one, two happy campers can have a shower, each at different times of the day.

The camping stove

Those that cook after a days adventures will realise that preparing food on a trip comes with all sorts of possibilities. Outdoor stoves and cooking equipment varies greatly. The rough camper looking for a little camper doesnt want to struggle with the flame to get a hot drink first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. This is where the autostart stove comes into its own. A lightweight easy to transport stove that will fit into any backpackers kit is ideal and fir for purpose.

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Boiling water in three minutes is exactly what a tired or bleary eyed camper needs. And this is what this handy and practical delivers. With a spreadable flame this cooker can handle camping kettle and pots with ease and provide dinner in record time.

The first aid kit

Have you ever heard someone say to you, “I wish I had brought the piano”? And then on enquiring you discover that they had left the all important item on the piano at home. This conversation plays out in campsites across the world on days when the first aid kit cannot be found. One of the most critical pieces of any travel luggage, it is often left as a second thought. Dont get caught without even the most basic means to stop a bleed, or stabilise an injury. It may something you dont want to imagine, but a life could depend on this small little package.

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The 38 piece minor injuries kit is also ideal for visits to the beach, or trips to the park. Perhaps made as a camping investment, it will become valuable in all spheres of your activity away from home.

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