What Camera Should I Take Traveling?

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Are you jetting off into the sun this summer? you lucky thing! A trip away deserves to be captured whether you are relaxing under the sun in Spain or taking a railway train down to Southend on sea. A good quality photo capturing your holiday moments doesn’t mean an expensive bulky camera that you’re too scared to use or take away. We have rounded up a few cameras that are ideal for your vacation!

Canon EOS 100D

Canon is a great brand when it comes to cameras as they really understand what functions a camera needs to capture a high-quality photo or video. You can shoot in low noise capturing 18-megapixel photos. Canon EOS 100D has been known to be very easy to use as it is very compact and has a large touch screen.

This isn’t the smallest camera to take away for your holiday but neither is it bulky and is a good investment if you want to capture your experience in a quick high definition photo. As it is very easy to use it is an excellent camera to start off with if you want to take up photography as a hobby.


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GoPro Hero 4 silver

A camera perfect for you if you find yourself travelling a lot. This camera has a built-in LCD touch screen on the back which allows you to access the menu and view your photos and videos. Using an LCD screen can drain your battery quickly, however, you can turn the screen off or buy spare batteries if you’re always on the go. You can shoot full HD videos in slow motion and all the way up to 4k. You can buy different accessories for GoPro, here are a few;

1: Drone – Allows you to take videos/ photos in the air by being attached to a quadcopter.
2: Dive Housing – A special case that allows you to go underwater
3: Birdie – Oversized shuttlecock case to capture the perfect action shot when thrown in the air.
4: K-Edge – Under seat bike mount


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This sony camera is made for travelling as it is very compact and features a 30x extending zoom lens, perfect for wide landscapes and long distant portraits. Despite the lens, the camera nearly measures 4cm and weighs 272g which makes it ideal for travelling. On the top of the camera, there is a pop-up flash which raises when you select a flash mode.

If you are looking for something light and small I would highly recommend this Sony camera as it is light and slim and can easily slip into your hand luggage or even pocket!


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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 

This camera is great on the go and easy to use. Fujifilm is a Polaroid camera that prints photos instantly after you capture your moments. Instax mini is really easy to use as you simply just need to press the button beside the lens which turns it on and then adjust the lighting. However, it automatically determines the best brightness for taking photos and informs you.

Instax mini is Perfect if you like to print your photos out to create a photo album or scrapbook! Because this camera is super easy to use it’s a great way to get the little ones involved!

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Kodak disposable camera

Yes, we are being serious. Even though disposable cameras came out around 1949! But admit it we all enjoyed the excitement waiting around for our photos to be developed. If you want to capture the real moment try out a disposable camera as you and your friends get to delete the photo after it has been taken due to someone moaning they look awful. Also if you’re worried about losing or breaking a decent camera you wouldn’t have to worry as disposable cameras are cheap and cheerful!


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