Flubit co-founders included in The Sunday Times Britain’s 500 Most Influential

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Here at Flubit.com, we’ve got a trophy cabinet we’re very proud of (OK they’re more certificates than actual trophies, and it’s more of a shelf than a cabinet but you know what we mean.)

Sunday Times 500 most influential Flubit

We’ve picked up an award or 2 in our time – the Most Innovative eCommerce Start-up Award, The People’s Champion award, Retail Company of the Year and The National Business Award – and have been shortlisted among some truly incredible names, and we’re delighted to have had our hard work and achievements recognised within our industry. It’s rewarding for our whole team and we usually have a little celebration for each award we win.

But this next one is an achievement we couldn’t have imagined. Along with J.K. Rowling and Prince Harry, Flubit.com‘s co-founders Bertie Stephens and Adel Louertatani were included in The Sunday Times Britain’s 500 most influential.

Every year The Sunday Times are known for releasing the most 500 influential people in Britain – it’s a big thing. Like always, this year some big names feature in it. Prince Harry, J.K. Rowling, Sir Elton John, Kate Middleton, Tim Peak, Lewis Hamilton, Adele, David Walliams, Tim Berners–Lee, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc etc… Flubit are in the top 500 most influential in the country, along with those massive names!

sunday times 500 most influential Flubit

This really is an amazing achievement for the whole Flubit team – that a company only a few years ago was an idea and a couple of guys trying to make it happen has no grown to the point where it’s creators are being recognised as some of the most influential people in the whole country is amazing.

Bertie Stephens said: “This is huge for us. I like to believe the reason we’re successful is because as a team we keep delivering. Whether it’s by driving more sales to Flubit.com, or by creating the countries largest B2B platform for products. I am a strong believer in celebrating success delivered by an awesome team. Congratulations to my co-founder Adel Louertatani, the Flubit team, and our investors who supported us here.”

Click here to read more of Bertie’s response to being included.

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