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Bluetooth speakers are the product of years of development, redevelopment and applied technological ingenuity. Bluetooth technology is not uniquely a means to deliver sound. It is also used in many other applications today. You’d be hard up to find anyone who doesnt think of microphone, headphone and speaker connections first.

Rapid development

Bluetooth has been around for a while. Many of us may be able to remember when it first became really popular in the early noughties. Developed by two engineers from Sony Erikson, it has become the standard non secure connection mechanism for devices within close proximity. You may remember when leaving bluetooth switched on, meant your phone battery was sure to die halfway through the day. As time and technology have both advanced, battery management software and bluetooth drivers have improved. So much so that this no longer needs to be the case

Bluetooth speakers change the way we listen to music

The advent of using bluetooth speakers as part of the wireless technology has opened new doors for the consumer. We all love gadgets, but some gadgets are just more lovable than others. Because of bluetooth, we are now able to enjoy the sound of music anywhere in our homes, including the bathroom and while we are taking a shower. Bluetooth devices can now be shared. Until recently it wasnt possible to connect two sets of bluetooth headphones to a television or other output device. This change has made sharing film and sound so much more pleasureable.


While prices may range from breathtakingly astronomical for bluetooth cinema setups, they also come in very low for basic iPod or Mp3 headphones. Very useful while out jogging. The variety available is a good reflection of how far the technology has developed.

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A mini bluetooth speaker may seem to be small, but they are usually packed with excellent range and connectivity. This means that we no longer have to listen to that tin can sound that emanated from many a mobile phone. Simply pair the phone and the speaker and away you go. You can literally have a party anywhere! Whats great about mobile bluetooth speakers is that you cnnect using your smartphone or laptop and enjoy the likes if iTunes, Giigle Music ir Spotify anywhere.

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Bluetooth speakers absolutely anywhere

Jut when you think they’ve thought of everything, something new arrives on the scene. Waterproof bluetooth speakers are designed beyond the shower. The latest tech offering means that groups can listen to music together. Bounding about in the great outdoors no longer means having to cut off the world with a set of headphones. Music is to be shared even when mountainbiking through ditches and streams. Adaptable for campers or those combining a biking trip with camping the nifty bottle shaped speak is easy to transfer and to store.

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Bluetooth headphones- Ear level speakers

While technically headphones are not speakers, they do kind of qualify as speakers in the ears. This pair of headphones that complement a pair of biking glasses cannot be left behind due to a technicality. They meet the rech requirements and offer some rather splendid sound, even if it is exclusive to your ears. This pair provides you with another good example of bluetooth technology. the adaptation to suit the needs of a rapidly changing world are eye opening and ear opening.

Next time you decide to explore an improvement in your sound experience, consider mobile bluetooth technology. It makes a wonderful experience that is great fun share and is affordable for the Christmas stocking.

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