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Over the last 6.5 years at Flubit.com I’ve always asked the team to ‘think big, and build big’. In doing so, we’ve created largest UK-owned marketplace. A remarkable achievement, especially considering only a handful of years before now Flubit was a silly word, and that was about it.

Six months ago we started to mature the business further, we changed away from the original demand-driven model, and opened up the millions of products to all our customers. It was a tough decision (especially as i’m quite nostalgic), but it has worked for our customers, and our merchants too.

Changing Growth

Here’s a graph showing the number of orders we’ve sent our marketplace merchants over the last few quarters, we made the business change at the start of Q2-17. I’ve removed the Y # value, because, well, we’re a private company, so i’m allowed.

Number of Flubit.com marketplace orders
Number of Flubit.com marketplace orders

Our customers are buying more from us than ever before, because we’re offering a better experience to buy items for less money, and in doing so our merchants are benefiting from being part of our ecosystem. As a business we’re up significantly on net-revenue too, which helps us grow, and be better for you too. 


1 Million items cheaper than Amazon, every week.

Today we launch our latest message to you: 

Over 1 Million items cheaper than Amazon, every week.

Amazon are the UK market leaders, and it’s a huge, big, fat, bold claim; but most importantly it’s true. Actually it’s undersold, in reality we have many, many more products, but our lawyers say it’s easier to stick to the 1,000,000 mark and roll with that.

On Monday we launch our new TV campaign, it looks a bit like this:


At the same time we also launch our outdoor campaign. The train ads look a bit like this:

Flubit October Train Advert


On the Flubit.com website you can search and browse all our products, and now you can use the Piggy-Bank icon / ‘Cheaper than Amazon’ text to filter only those products which are cheaper than Amazon. This allows you to have a cost-efficient buying experience at Flubit.com.

It may be a bold claim, but we’re happy to make it, proud to make it, and ecstatic for our customers and merchants that we can make it. Thank you for the support.

CEO & Co-Founder

p.s – Here’s all the legal text about the claim.

p.p.s – Finally we also had one of the biggest upgrades to our logo in many years…. SMILE! … or is it simply a shine? 

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