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Bring your toys to life from the real world to the virtual world of videogames! From creating your own Skylander to bringing your favourite gaming characters to life in the world of Skyland – our Skylander sets have everything you need from starter packs to add-ons and games. Shop the sets below on Flubit.com

Skylanders SuperChargers: Dark Edition Starter Pack

Newbies to Skylanders have everything they need to play in the world of Skyland! Complete with game and figures on Xbox 360, Skylanders reveals his most sinister weapon – the massive “Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction” capable of eating the sky itself…

Skylanders SuperChargers: Dark Edition Starter Pack (Xbox 360) only £47.28 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionIn Skylanders SuperChargers, Kaos’ quest to rule over Skylands reveals his most sinister weapon ever – a massive “Doomstation of…Go to Product

Skylanders Imaginators – Light Creation Crystal

Create and play with your own Imginator and unlock special gear and powers for your Skylanders! This Light Creation Crystal unlocks mysterious powers known as ‘Mind Magic’ to create your own adventure with one of the ten powers to make your Skylanders stronger!

Skylanders Imaginators – Crystal – Light (Xbox One/PS4/PS3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii U) only £8.8 on Flubit.comBrief Description* Create and play with your own Imaginator Skylanders * Master of one of ten Battle Class…Go to Product

Skylanders Superchargers: Starter Pack (IOS)

From the real world to the gaming world, bring your Skylanders Superchargers vehicles into your videogame via the portal of power to explore land, sea and the skies of Skylands!

Skylanders Superchargers: Starter Pack (IOS) only £31.18 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionFor the first time, players can take their Skylanders vehicles straight from the real world into the videogame via the…Go to Product

Skylanders: Spyro’s Empire Of Ice Adventure Pack

Bring the adventures of Spyro to the world of Skyland with this Spyro Empire of Ice Adventure pack with multi-models to use on your portal into the virtual world!

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure – Adventure Pack – Empire of Ice Adventure Pack (Wii/PS3/Xbox 360/PC) only £16.99 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionSkylanders are special action figures that come to life! Just take a Skylander, place it on the Portal of Power…Go to Product

Skylanders LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey

Play the adventures of LEGO and the Legends of Chima in the online world of Skyland! Customize and build your own kingdom in Chima’s world on Playstation Vita.

Skylanders LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey /Vita – Just £18.44

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