The Best PS4 VR Games Out Now And Available To Pre-order!

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Did you treat yourself to Sony’s VR headset? Now you are aware of what the gaming headset is really capable of you probably want mind blowing games to play. We have got you covered as we put together a list of games available to play today and games to add to your diary which you can also pre-order today!

Available today 

Resident Evil 7 

Most likely to have a nightmare after playing this game, Resident Evil is probably one of the scariest games out there so far. 

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
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Batman Arkham 

 If you’re a massive Batman fan this VR game gives you the chance to put on the famous mask and gloves yourself for an average of two hours experience, short but mind-blowing. Batman Arkham VR allows you to focuses on detective skills as you solve puzzles and the brutal murder of Nightwing but discovering clues on the way. 

To play this game you’ll also need move controllers. 

Batman VR game cover

create me an offer Eve Valkyrie 

Instead of boring battles in blackness Eve Valkyrie lets you battle in glorious outer space surrounding amazing planets or on the middle of huge fleets of ships. Eve Valkyrie allows you to play multiplayer so friends can join in the fun. 

Eve Valkyrie
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Available to pre-order 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Trekkie or not, Star Trek Bridge Crew may make your dreams come true. This game is all about teamwork, as all four players have designated jobs to complete missions. Star Trek- Bridge Crew

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