The Best Mindful Books for a clearer mind

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As well as taking care of your physical health, it’s just as important to look after your state of mind and overall wellness. Whether you’re looking to clear your mind of negative thoughts and distractions that can interfere with everyday life, our guide on the best mindful books to read will lead you in the right direction of leading a happier state of mind.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about training your mind to be in the moment, right here, right now. Our mind and bodies are connected, but sometimes the mind can really take over, which results in us living too much in our heads. Wellness is about focusing on the moment, as it happens to find clarity and to clear out absent thoughts.


Where to begin on becoming more mindful?

Searching the web will give you a lot of information, which can sometimes be a little overwhelming when starting out on becoming more mindful. Plus you can’t always rely on that information being 100% accurate or if the advice is professional enough to take action. Our guide of mindful books can help narrow down your search on seeking a more mindful lifestyle, with books that offer insight into what mindfulness is to helpful ideas on mastering the art of a clearer mind.


Pocket-sized ‘The Little Book of Mindfulness”

Great for on the go, this handy little book has over 150 techniques, tips and exercises for everyday life contentment.

the little book of mindfulness - best mindful books

The Little Book of Mindfulness – Just £5.73


For the kinesthetic learner “The Book of Mindful Origami: Fold paper, unfold your mind:

Ideal for those who love to fidget, this unique book utilises the art of origami, which has been shown to aid relaxation as a means to help unfold your mind as you focus all your energy on creating paper creations. The book contains 16 different creations, which you can tear from the book itself and keep as decorative reminders of your journey.

mindful origami - best mindful books

Mindful Origami – Just £7.23


De-stress 8 week programme “Mindfulness for Health”

Designed to relieve pain, reduce stress and restore wellbeing, this dedicated book offers more than just words. The 8-week programme takes just 10-20 minutes a day and comes with a CD complete with guided meditations.

mindfulness for health - best mindful books

Mindfulness for Heath – Just £9.42


Instant Happy Journal – the 365 day challenge

If you’re looking for daily inspiration on your journey to becoming more mindful, this book is the perfect companion in helping you do so. Complete with 365 inspirational pages to help you through each day in the year, we recommend this one as an addition to your mindful book collection.

instant happy journal - best mindful books

Instant Happy Journal – Just £10.05

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