Dog harness, Which is best for your pet?

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Dog harness – a multi purpose item

You can be sure that you will buy more one than one dog harness during you pets lifetime. The time when a harness was just a harness has long passed. A dog harness is now designed to meet a particular function. Sometimes the function is as simple as keeping the dog under control while out or walking. There are now harnesses that prevent the dog from pulling. They have been designed to help when trying to train avery young and active or older undisciplied animal. Then there are safety harneses so that a dog may be safely restrained using a seatbelt in the back of a car.

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The non pull harness is possibly the most popular harness on the market. These are the harness of choice because they enable the handler to maintain control of the dog. This while they can train the dog to walk appropriately in a public place. As a young dog becomes stronger and more difficult to handle these harnesses are ideal. They create a natural tension that makes it difficult for the dog to pull. When the dog tries to pull, the handler gains control straight away. No more stiff arms or shoulders.

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Harnesses are a good method to increase visibility for your dog. They are particularly helpful when wearing a visible coat is not practical or possible. Neon reflective harnesses mean that even when walking in the dark, your dog will remain visible. Apart from being able to keep an eye on your dog when out walking in wide open areas, these harnesses keep Fido safe in urban areas. Your dog also becomes easily identifiable in groups.

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While travelling with a dog in the car safety should be a first concern. A dog should be confined in a car for the safety of both the driver and the dog. Some dogs cannot be confined to a crate at the rear of the vehicle or the space is not available to use a crate. In circumstances such as these a seat belt harness or addon to a harness should be used. When braking suddenly unless the dog is confined they can cause serious injury to other occupants of the vehicle. The relatively minor investment in safety could save the life of others in the car as well as that of the dog.

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While using a leather or webbing harnes provides strength and wont cause problems in the winter, it is possible that your dog may experience discomfort during the Summer. Harnesses made from a breathable textile, or a mesh material will make a significant differentce in hot weather. Some harnesses are partially closed will will aggravate a hot dog further. If your dog is very physically active, then considering an alternative material for his dog harness is advisable.

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It is important that when you decide to purchase a harness for your dog that the decision is based on practical considerations. Rather than considering how “cool” the dog might look, remember that comfort and safety should always come first. There are some harnesses that ill double up as multifunction products. Some will be usable as a control device as well as for safety in a vehicle. use the harness as fit for purpose and both you and your pooch will have a long and happy life.

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