The best Disney songs ever!

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Everyone loves Disney songs. They might not ever admit it, but the truth is, as soon as they come on the radio or the TV, you will find yourself singing along at the top of your lungs.

When it comes to thinking which is the best Disney song, this isn’t always an easy thing. After all, everyone has their favourites. With this in mind, we have put together some of the Disney songs that we think are hard to beat!

A whole new world- Aladdin

The moment when Jasmine and Aladdin fall in love, this song is one that we adore too! It may have been rather interestingly interpreted by a certain glamour model and her ex husband, but this hasn’t stopped us loving the original!

I wanna be like you- The Jungle Book

It may be one of the oldest Disney films out there, but that doesn’t take away from how amazing The Jungle Book is. Particularly the songs. It is hard to pick a favourite, but we have to say that more often than not we have found ourselves dancing around the house to this particular tune.

Let it go- Frozen

A song that seemed to snowball, excuse the pun, when the film was released. Let it go is the pivotal moment in the film about the love between two sisters. Much coped, but never bettered than Idina Menzels version. This is a Disney song which is sure to be popular in many years to come.

You’re welcome- Moana

One of the most under-rated Disney films (in our opinion) Moana is packed full of great songs that are destined to make a best of list. However, if we have to pick a favourite then You’re Welcome is hard to beat. We think this is mainly down to the fact that wrestling legend The Rock is the singer. Which makes it all the funnier.

Be our guest- Beauty and the Beast

After recently being revamped, Beauty and the Beast has had a massive surge in popularity. Whilst the modern live action version of this classic sing a long tune is great. There is something to be said for the original. If not only because it is more than just a little fun to sing along in a poorly put together French accent.

Hakuna Matata

We love the Lion King, and we know plenty of other people do too. One of our favourite tunes from this film has to be Hakuna Matata. This cheery classic not only has a positive message, but also is packed full of happiness too.

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