Turn Your Beard From Zero to Hero!

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Did you know that the average man’s beard grows 5.5 inches per year? and that an average moustache will trap a pint and a half of beer every single year?! That’s a lot of beer being wasted!

Well, say hello to your new drinking partner because its time that you cared for him!

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If you are a fresh face to beard products and grooming appliances, it will be okay because Flubit is here for you and your buddy!

Growing a beard can be a pain (literally) and requires a lot of commitment. This is why you should start looking after your friend. After all, you wouldn’t let the hair on your head get flaky or shaggy unless that’s the look you’re going for!

There are many grooming products and gadgets out there for men, believe it or not, and has become a multi-billion pound worldwide industry.

Here are just a few tips on how you can maintain a lustrous beard!

1. Trim your beard

Once you have let your beard grow to a reasonable length let the process of trimming your beard begin!

Invest in a good trimmer and learn how to use it before styling your beard to how you want it. If you are unsure what beard style suits you or feel a bit shaky when it comes to it consider going to a barber for the first time to get it shaped and maintain it yourself!

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2. Shampoo and condition your beard

You’ll need to show your beard some affection time to time. To keep your bead smelling and feeling fresh from root to tip so give it a gentle wash with a mild shampoo every other day. This stops your beard from feeling itchy and strengthens your hair. Some people find that using a regular shampoo irritates their skin so prefer to use soap or a beard scrub.

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3. Beard oil

Yup, that’s right you did read beard oil…

Beard oil is actually becoming  more popular every day and is really good for your skin and beard. There are many different beard oils out there and can contain different oils such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and Kukui oil.

As you grow facial hair your skin starts to lose its natural oils and can become flaky, itchy and smelly (avoid going in for that kiss!). Beard oil prevents this from happening and keeps your skin hydrated, soft and smells great which means your more likely to get that kiss on your date!

Beard oil also prevents beard duff, Like dandruff but In your beard! Yes, there is such thing!



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