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flubit's favourite lego

LEGO has been the world’s most popular toy brand for decades, and with good reason. LEGO encourages creative, inventive play and has undoubtedly inspired generations of architects, engineers and designers from an early age. Better still, the vast LEGO empire means that today’s products boast some of the most exciting movie tie-ins of any brand. Your friends at Flubit have picked five of our favourite LEGO sets to help your kids become master builders – provided you aren’t tempted to play with them yourself, of course!

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box

The perfect LEGO starter set, this Creative Box contains bricks in 33 different colours, from wheels and windows to doors and base plates. Your kids can let their imaginations run free as they create whatever their hearts desire, while instructions on the box can provide inspiration if they need a helping hand getting started. The perfect gift for those new to the LEGO universe.


LEGO City High Speed Passenger Train

A cross between a LEGO kit and a train set, this is two Christmases worth of toy rolled into one! A high-speed locomotive kit inspired by the intercity commuter trains of Japan and China, this set builds a motorised train complete with a station, 20 sections of track and dozens of extras. Just you try to keep mum and dad away from this one on Christmas morning!


LEGO Star Wars AT-AT

About 70% of the Flubit office wants this little beauty for themselves. An official Star Wars tie-in, this set builds the AT-AT walker you’ll remember from the Battle of Hoth in the classic ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. The kit builds a fantastically realistic AT-AT alongside five minifigures, assorted weapons and accessories. The head even articulates and fires spring-loaded blasters! Just in time for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.


LEGO Minecraft The First Night

Another official tie-in, this set combines two of the creative play sensations of the past century: LEGO and the fantastic build-based video game Minecraft. This Minecraft starter set pitches you in on the first night, where Steve must build a shelter to protect himself from the dreaded Hissing Creeper. The set comes with everything you need to build a shelter, as well as a Steve minifigure, weapons and accessories.


LEGO Technic Construction Crew

The LEGO Technic sets are more complicated kits designed for older builders. Using a slightly different system to standard LEGO bricks, this kit lets you build an entire construction crew including a dump truck, a wheel loader and an excavator. The more complicated LEGO Technic kits are designed to put your build ability to the test, but reward patience with fantastic movable models with a range of exciting features. Ideal for older children.


These fantastic LEGO kits are just a small sample of the products you can find at bargain online prices at Flubit. Why not demand a deal from us today and find out how much you could save on your favourite products and gifts?

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