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Why Beautiful Candles Have Never Been Hotter

For the first time since electricity was invented, beautiful candles have become the ultimate household essential. Why? Well, it probably has a lot to do with Hygge, the latest lifestyle trend to be imported from Denmark. Hygge means enjoying life’s simple pleasures – hanging out with friends, spending time with family and getting cosy by candlelight.

Nowadays there’s more to these lovely light-givers than just wick and wax. Many manufacturers are adding essential oils to their candles to help relieve stress and create a calming atmosphere, while others are going all out with mouth-watering fragrances, dried flowers and even glitter thrown in for good measure!

Candle packaging has also come a long way, with luxurious and sophisticated boxes, jars and ceramic pots being almost as appealing as the candles themselves. We just love everything about them!

From sensual, scented candles to simple tea light accessories, everyone’s waxing lyrical about candles right now. That’s why we’ve created a collection of some of the most beautiful candles and candle holders available today.

Magic, mystery, warmth and ambience can all be felt in the presence of a candle. But how can such a simple thing have such a big impact? Well, why not see – or feel – it for yourself! We have a wide selection for you to choose from, so whatever your mood, there’s bound to be a votive to match your motive.

Calm The Soul
Beautiful candles







If you love the scent of almond and jojoba, our Baylis and Harding candle with silky smooth essential oils is sure to indulge your senses.

Get Fruity


Beautiful candles to suit every mood








Prefer your scents a little sweeter? This luxurious Lemon Drop piped candle by Bomb Cosmetics will look and smell good enough to eat (just remember it’s not edible!).

Sail Away
Beautiful candles







Everyone loves being pampered – and with this gorgeous Voluspa Case Pacifica candle with notes of California driftwood, sea salt and shore brush, you’ll be gently swept away on a wave or pure tranquillity.

Rustic And Ready
Must have candle accessories







Already got the candle but need something stylish to house it in? This rustic ‘Summer Days’ glass lantern candle holder is the perfect way to bring a touch of English country cottage chic into your home or garden.

Less Is More
Beautiful candle accessories







Ticking off another Scandinavian trend, this cute ceramic votive candle holder by Yankee Candle oozes minimalist cool.

Let It Shine
Beautiful candle accessories







If you’re looking for the wow factor, this pretty copper candle holder with cut-out detailing will dazzle amongst even the drabbest of decor. Yankee Candle sure know how to create ambience!

Discover More Beautiful Candles

Whether you’re enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple in the garden on a balmy summer’s evening or you’re curled up with the cat in front of the fireplace on a chilly autumn afternoon, a flickering candle never fails to create the right mood.

Want to see more of the beautiful candles and accessories melting our hearts right now? Check out our Pinterest board and get inspired!


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