Blazing griddles: five barbecue essentials to buy this summer

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In Italy they call it dining ‘al fresco’, in France it’s eating ‘en plein air’. Eating in the out-of-doors is one of the unquestioned highlights of the summer, but where the continental Europeans have their cheeses, olives, crusty breads and cured meats, here in the UK we prefer a good-old-fashioned barbecue. Do you have the essentials you need to pull off a flawless barbie this summer, or could you do with investing in a few extra BBQ bits and bobs from Flubit?

The grill
You can’t barbecue your favourite meat, fish and veg without an appropriate grill, but your options are many. Barbecues come in numerous shapes, sizes and styles, so which option is right for you?

• Kettle barbecue – Kettle barbecues are the smallest and simplest non-disposable BBQs on the market, and their compact size makes them perfect for smaller gardens, yards and other outdoor areas. The Landmann 43.5cm Kettle Charcoal Barbecue doesn’t have the largest grill on the market, but it is versatile, portable and capable of cooking your favourite BBQ recipes with authentic charcoal smoke.

• Wagon barbecue – Wagon barbecues tend to be a little larger and boast a greater variety of cooking options than kettle barbecues. The cooking area is rectangular rather than circular, and the cooking grill is height adjustable. This Landmann Charcoal Wagon Barbecue is ideal for mid-sized gardens and comes with handy storage shelves for your meat and BBQ tools.

• Brick barbecue – True aficionados of the grill will accept nothing less than a traditional brick barbecue. These brick structures are built to be permanent features of your garden, so make sure you have the space you need before deciding to build your own brick BBQ. The Landmann DIY Charcoal Barbecue boasts a large cooking area suitable for feeding up to eight people, while a removable ash tray makes cleaning up a doddle.

The tools
Anyone who’s tried barbecuing without the appropriate tools will know that burned burgers and undercooked sausages are the inevitable consequence. A solid set of barbecue tools will help you to perfect your cooking and serving technique without leaving more meat stuck to the grill or dribbling down onto the coals than on your guests’ plates. This Three-Piece Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set contains everything you need to become the master of your grill: a fork for stubborn sausages, a spatula for burger flipping and a pair of tongs for those awkward corn-on-the-cobs.

The technique
The right hardware alone won’t make you a BBQ expert, however. Knowledge, skill and experience are the real tools every grill guru needs to throw an unforgettable BBQ party. If your burgers, sausages and steaks usually taste of carbon rather than anything more edible, perhaps you could do with a copy of Barbecue! Sauces, Rubs and Marinades. This companion guide to BBQ prep comes complete with 200 recipes to help you add fun and flavour to your next summer barbecue party.

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