Your Barbecue Cheat Sheet: From Grills to Crisps

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Make your barbecue the best ever with our cheat sheet. It’ll see you through from the big details to the little ones.


Get a Grill!

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Want a grill you can move around your garden with ease? Pick a kettle barbecue like this one from barbecue kings, Landmann. Or how about a wagon barbecue if you want a bit of shelf space? They both feature two wheels, so they’re easy to move around.

Choose a fire pit for a portable outdoor grill that’ll add a bit of hygge ambience.


Turn Up the Heat

Stock up on fuel before the big day, because we all know the slightest hint of BBQ weather sends everyone to the shops for supplies.

The Aussies know a thing or two about barbecues, so why not order in Australia’s No. 1 BBQ fuel? It’s great for open grills and kettle barbecues alike, and it burns to high temperatures that are great for cooking.


Dress for BBQ Success

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You’ll look like a barbecue pro with this awesome apron.

It’s a great way to keep stop ketchup and grease splatters. But let’s be honest, it’ll also let you unleash your best chef impression.


Get Creative!

What’s cooking? Keep it classic with essential burgers and sausages, or take it to the next level with BBQ recipes for mains and side.

If we’re in for another heat wave, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of that grill. Mix it up with Fire & Smoke – even celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal loves these barbecue recipes.

Take a leaf out of Nando’s book and add Southern Hemisphere flavours to your grill. Braai: The South African Barbecue Book won the title of Best Barbecue Book at the Gourmand Awards 2017.

Or take your guests on a world tour of Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades – there’s something for everyone, and these sauces are easy to mix and match with whatever you’re serving up.


Prep, Prep, Prep

Leave plenty of time for your barbecue to heat up! In our experience, it always takes longer than we expect.

While it’s reaching temperature, do all the boring stuff. Set out the sauces and plates, and slice the burger buns.

Unless you enjoy the ‘balancing a burger and cup while trying to tear the roll open’ dance, in which case, carry on.


Snack Stop

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Don’t stand around getting hungry. Stock up on great barbecue snacks to pick at while you wait for the fuel to smoke.

This supply of chipotle and lime tortilla chips will see you through a BBQ or two. And grab some Tyrrells Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt English Crisps for variety.

And stock up on plenty of refreshments so nobody goes thirsty if it’s hot!


It’s BBQ Time!

Oh yes, the grill’s hot and the food’s cooking! Keep separate barbecue tools handy for raw and cooked meat, and another for veggie food.

It’ll keep your guests happy, and help keep food poisoning off the menu. Hurray!

We think this stainless steel barbecue tool set will do the job – it includes a turner, fork and tongs. Throw in some easy-opening stainless steel tongs if you need a spare set.


Help Your Future Self

You’ll thank your past self for it – oh, you know what we’re trying to say. Clean up your grill and top up your supplies, ready for the next sunny afternoon!

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