Get A Sweeter Ride With Banksy Air Fresheners

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Discover The Art of a Fresh Smelling Car with Banksy Air Fresheners

Here at Flubit we love to keep things fresh and now, thanks to our selection of awesome air fresheners you can keep your car fresh too. But wait! These are no ordinary air fresheners! They feature designs by the king of contemporary cool, the one and only Banksy. You can’t get fresher than that.

The British-born graffiti artist is well known across the globe for his satirical street art, dark humour and distinctive stencilling technique. Who wouldn’t want to hang his gutsy handiwork from the rear view mirror? We’re definitely sold!

From the iconic Girl With the Red Heart Balloon to the Panda With Guns, our straight-off-the-streets Banksy air fresheners make the perfect gift for a friend or relative who likes their art edgy and urban. Of course, you could treat yourself – and at such incredible prices, why not stock up on a few?

As well as a wide variety of daring designs to choose from, you can take your pick from over 15 different fragrances so you can be sure your vehicle gives off the perfect pong to suit your nasal needs.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite Banksy air fresheners, showcasing some of his most epic work to date:

‘Flowerchucker’ Banksy Air Freshener 
Banksy air fresheners

What could be sweeter than Banksy’s Flowerchucker and his ‘grenade’ of freshly picked flowers? This is the perfect air freshener for anyone who digs graffiti with a bit of a twist.

‘Beatbox Boy’ Banksy Air Freshener

Banksy Air Fresheners

Looking for an air freshener with bags of attitude? Banksy’s Beatbox Boy will fill your ride with ghetto vibes as well as an aroma that’s good enough to eat. Hip-hop never smelt so good!

‘Keep Britain Tidy’ Banksy Air Freshener

Banksy Air Fresheners

Unleash your appreciation for gritty, inner city statements with the Keep Britain Tidy air freshener. A true Banksy classic, guaranteed to impress your passengers.

‘Anarchist and Mother’ Banksy Air Freshener

Banksy Air Fresheners

If like Banksy, you’re something of a political activist, you’ll love the Anarchist and Mother air freshener. 

‘Monkey Parliament’ Banksy Air Freshener

Banksy Air Fresheners

Or if you’re finding politics a load of old monkey business at the moment, maybe you’d prefer the Monkey Parliament design. 

‘Smile’ Banksy Air Freshener
Banksy Air Fresheners

If Banksy’s political offerings don’t float your boat, how about something a little cuter? The Smile air freshener features a cheeky child for a more uplifting look and feel.

Use Banksy air fresheners anywhere

Don’t drive? Don’t panic! You can use these brilliant Banksy air fresheners just about anywhere. So if your restroom is far from smelling of roses or your workspace is a little on the whiffy side, just hang one of these fun fresheners wherever you like and let your chosen aroma fill the room.

Like what you’ve seen so far? We have a whole board dedicated to Banksy air fresheners on Pinterest, so check it out and discover more ways to add some underground awesomeness to your dashboard.

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