Baking with Kids: Affordable Family Fun!

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Family baking with kids is cheap, creative and lots of fun! We’ve got delicious and easy baking recipes for kids, great deals on a cute Cooksmart kids’ baking set… and don’t worry about the mess, we’ve got a plan for that too!


Cooksmart Kids 3-Piece Cookie Cutter Set Gingerbread Girl

Cooksmart Kids 3-Piece Cookie Cutter Set Gingerbread Girl only £4.09 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionMaterial: Stainless Steel Size: 3 sizes Contains: 3 Gingerbread Girl Cookie Cutters Suitable for hand washing in soapy water -…Go to Product

Run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the Cooksmart gingerbread girl cookie cutter set…

3 sizes of cutter mean you can make your biscuits as little or large as you want, or make a whole family. This stainless steel set is recommended for ages 3+ and we think decorating the finished product would keep all ages entertained. If you’re baking with older kids, let them try out their best bake-off icing skills!

And if you want to take it to the next level, our Cooksmart Kids 8-Piece Cookie Cutter Set Princess lets you make a crown, glass slipper, prince and princess, and more. So you can tell a story while you snack!


Kids Knight PEVA Tabard

Kids Knight PEVA Tabard [Needs Price] only £6.76 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionWipe clean with a damp cloth This is a very practical tabard apron for cooking (as well as painting) Designed to be easy…Go to Product

Little knights will love this tabard for their action-packed baking adventures. Their grown-up helpers will love that you can just wipe with a damp cloth for a quick clean-up.

Hold your horses though, because there are options! Unicorn fans will love the Cooksmart Kids/Childrens Tabards and aprons (Unicorn Tabard) design, or if you’re looking for something with more pink pizzazz then try our Cooksmart Kids Fairy Princess PEVA Tabard.

It’s phthalate-free and suitable for baking for toddlers, and you can use it for other activities that need that bit of extra coverage too. And it’s recommended for ages 2-4, so you can start them early!


The Best Ever Baking Book

The Best Ever Baking Book only £9.32 on Flubit.comBrief Description

Looking for a fun introduction to baking for your little ones? Then turn to Jane Bull’s brilliant children’s baking…

Go to Product

Biscuits, bread, muffins… all the favourite family baking recipes are covered in DK Children’s The Best Ever Baking Book!

Jane Bull is the author of a whole host of children’s activity books, and her children’s recipe book takes the same approach. She walks you through over 10 recipes with clear step by step instructions all the way.

There’s enough basic baking for kids to let the littlest one get involved, while older children can find out more about the techniques they’re using and the difference between batter and dough. And future dessert kings and queens will love the decorating inspiration sections!


Children’s Book of Baking Bread (Cookery)

Children’s Book of Baking Bread (Cookery) only £6.78 on Flubit.comBrief DescriptionThere is something incredibly satisfying about baking your own bread and this book is a great introduction to the art…Go to Product

We think this book would make a great first baking book. Instead of making sweet treats, kids can enjoy eating their own handmade food or sharing with all the family.

The Children’s Book of Bread has got clear page layouts and step by step instructions to help your family baking session go to plan. It comes from Abigail Wheatley, author of Usborne’s Children’s Book of Baking Cakes from the trusted publisher.

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