Baby Walkers – when baby becomes mobile

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Baby Walkers – choosing the first one

Baby walkers are the first mobile toy that you will buy for your baby. its one of those contradictory situations where you cant wait for baby to walk and talk. Once they do, youll wish they would sit down and be quiet – just for a bit. A walker encourages baby to develop their balance and gross coordination skills. From as young as seven months your little star could be pulling themselves up onto their feet. Shortly thereafter they’ll be shuffling themselves around to explore their own mobility. Baby walkers are the ideal first mobile activity centre to encourage your child to master the skills needed to get around.

Baby Walkers come in all shapes and sizes and in different forms. The most common ones are activity centeres that can be pushed. These provide a fun distraction to the whole process and with practice the little one will be rushing about in no time at all.

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Considering the entertainment options

Providing for your childs imaginary activity will help them to refine the walking skills. Once theyve worked out how to put one foot in front of the next, this will work well for them. A pushing walker in the form of a stroller for a little girl or a racing car for a little boy are great fun. They can imitate Mum or Dad while still having a fabulous time.

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Push along or sit inside?

Some children take a little longer than others to progress from standing up to walking around. Sometimes an infant is ready to get around but hasnt quite mastered the art of doing it alone. In this case a sit in walker is perfect. These provide the activity centre that keeps baby occupied. Additionally the seat means that baby can stand up and push themselves around. The fear of falling over simply isnt there and those motor skills will cevelop quickly.

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For the little one, there is nothing like having their own set of wheels. Just like Mum or Dad. baby Walkers that imitate the activity of driving are very popular. These provide an excellent opportunity to tire baby out before bedtime too, hopefully with the effect of a full nights sleep. Modern walkers are really quite sturdy and often get handed down from the first baby to the next. This is why they are popular in playgroups and nursery environments.

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Spoilt for Choice

With a choice of activity centres baby walkers offer multiple development opportunities. Apart from the obvious support in learning to walk, the activity centre also provides other opportunities for learning. Both visual and tactile stimuli will add to a babys development all the while they are learning to walk! Add to that the little sounds and flashing lights, they’ll be occupied for hours, leaving you to get on with what you’re doing. You must however remember never to leave your child unattended in a walker.

A baby walker isnt just a toy. Its also an ivestment in your child’s development. When buying one, try to be as selective as you would when buying technology for yourself.

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