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Before a new baby arrives you may have some ideas about areas in your home that aren’t very child friendly,  but how much baby proofing gear are you actually going to need? As a mum of one and having recently moved to a new house we are back to square one when it comes to safety…

What I have learnt is that rather than getting everything in one go, it can be a good idea to invest in some staple items and add to them over the months. It will also depend on how adventurous your little one is when it comes to climbing and exploring, the size of your home, how much clutter you have, furniture that needs strapping to the walls and if you have pets.

Baby proofing your home,

Essential investments for a child-friendly home

  • stair gates
  • socket covers
  • cupboard locks/latches
  • corner guards
  • door cushions
  • a playpen.


With 13 toddlers dying from being entangled in blinds since 2013, it’s a terrifying thought and all easy to believe that it won’t happen to you. The previous owners were definite blind lovers and the majority of them had to go, apart from our bedroom where we aren’t quite able to replace it for a curtain just yet.

In the meantime, I came across a safer solution that will provide peace of mind. It’s called the Cord Lock Away and works by raising the height of the blind cord out of children’s reach.  As someone who admits to being quite rubbish at DIY, it was easy enough for me to install and is more than a worthwhile addition to our newly child-proofed home.

Stair gates

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to see their little ones stumbling down a flight of stairs. You need to make sure that the actual banister is safe in itself with gaps that little ones can’t fall through or get their heads stuck in.

There are lots of different gates available and it’s worth making sure you don’t get confused between a gate and a barrier. The gate can be opened, the barrier may only Baby proofing your home, www.flubit.combe a good idea if you are taking it away with you as a travel accessory, for a short-term fix, or if you happen to be very tall or good at hurdles and can get over them easily!

Once we had a new banister re-fitted we were able to buy some new gates having previously borrowed gates from a friend who now needed them back (the previous banister looked like this… see note above about large gaps, eek!).

With four out of five of safety gates sold in the UK from Lindam, we went for the Sure  Shut Axis Safety Gate. There is a bit of drilling involved when you initially attach them to the wall, but it’s worth every penny for peace of mind and they are very easy to use.

If you have a tricky space to fill you could try the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate to help you keep babies safe in the corner of a room or walls that are not parallel.


Little fingers trapped in doors = lots of screaming and a very guilty feeling parent. We initially tried door stoppers to no avail as the little one soon learnt to unpick them, or they would snap. By far the best solution we found were the Energy Absorbing Door Cushions from Lindam. These are hung high up on the side of doors and well out of reach of our daughter who has a tendency to slam every open door shut.

Careful it’s hot!

The sign for ‘hot’ was one of the first words I learnt in baby sign when my daughter was very small. Hot food, hot radiators, hot ovens… the last thing you want is your baby burning itself. There are many situations where it’s up to you to be vigilant when it comes to cooking near a child or filling a kettle, but there are things you can buy to help prevent bad accidents.

Clevamama sells a transparent oven door guard that can help prevent burns and scalds to little hands and fingers that are tempted to touch hot surfaces. It claims to reduce the heat of the oven door by up to 50 per cent and is fitted easily using suction pads. Other things you may want to consider investing in when it comes to hot surfaces are fireguards and oven door locks.

Lounging around

Even though the lounge is supposed to be the place you relax, when you have a baby who is learning to crawl or walk and looks like they’ve had a pint or two, it can be anything but relaxing.

From sharp fireplace surrounds, table corners, slippery wooden flooring, glass tables, low coffee tables where you used to keep your hot drinks and TVs that can be pulled down, there’s lots to watch out for.

  • Playpens – having no separate playroom, we used one of these in our lounge/diner for a number of months. It wasn’t that great when she wasn’t able to sit up unaided as we then had tears every time she fell back against the bars, but it was a lifesaver when I had to pop upstairs or find a new space to play in for some variety. Check out the Babydan lightweight playpen.
  • Guards – unless you want to invest in a Thudguard (great idea, but personally not one for me – I mean who learns to walk wearing knee pads?) then I would go for some corner guards on any sharp edges. Clevamama sells various edge guards that are well worth a look at and  will help make your home safer if little ones fall against sharp corners or edges, for example the Multi Purpose Edge Guard.

If you have any other ideas for baby proofing your home, feel free to drop us a comment and let us know.

For better offers on all your baby proofing needs head to Simply give us the link of the product you want to buy and we will create a better offer just for you! 

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