August Gaming Round-up

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An exciting August and September for gamers as some of this year’s biggest E3 announcements are being released. We also saw Sony release their PS4 slim console which confused many as they made no official announcement, but we can expect more details on the 7th September when we will also hear an official update on the PS4 Neo. Xbox One S will also hit the stores later this month so if you haven’t already got yourself a games console this might be the best time to invest. So let’s get into it and see what’s been keeping us gamers busy this last month and what to look out for in the near future.

Hot games of the month

No Man’s Sky (PS4)

no man's sky open world
No Man’s Sky is scenic open world platform for space exploration

A game that allows you to voyage the depths of space in search of resources and sights unseen. Particularly unique for its continuous expansion of explorable planets, even with millions of players exploring, 99% of the games potential area of exploration won’t even be touched. This creates a perfect setting for any explorer who can’t stand still and feels the need to explore the deeper regions of the universe. Players discover exotic species, huge landscapes, and resources so prepare to get fully stuck in with this one.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Ever thought what’s in store for mankind in the near future? In this depiction, human augmentation becomes reality and you stand in the middle as the only hope to bring the divide between humans and augmented hybrids in a technologically driven battle. In a game where your decision in battle, interaction with characters and mission execution shapes the way the story unfolds, you’re put in complete control of how the story unfolds.

deus ex game cover
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F1 2016

F1 fans finally have the game that ticks all the boxes

Die hard F1 fans have had a heavy burden lifted off their shoulders with this new installment. Many would point out that for a long time F1 simulation has been underwhelming with a lack of driving realism, in-game features to keep the game fun and not forgetting visuals. But alas, this latest installment has had praise all around ticking all the boxes by delivering a game where you finally feel like your behind the wheel of a racecar. Pairing this up with a Logitech G29 driving wheel seems to hit the jackpot and for the first time in ages brings a smile to F1 fans.

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What to look forward to


September will without a doubt be the build-up to the release of FIFA 17. Taking advantage of the frostbite engine, we’ll be returning to a familiar playground with vastly improved graphics and some newly revamped mechanics that judging from early insight suggests the game will be more intrinsic and rewarding as ever. Reading around you’d hear people calling it completely different in a positive way, as FIFA 16 was regarded as the first iteration of EA’s franchise that was outshone by rivaling game Pro Evolution Soccer.

fifa 17 cover
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PES 2017 Pro Evolution Soccer

After a polished release in last years iteration, PES looks to keep raking football fans away from EA.

Usually overshadowed by it’s rival FIFA 17, this year you might want to consider trying something different if you’re normally tied to the latter. Both games exhibit pretty unique playstyles and despite EA’s FIFA excelling in terms of sales, PES has proven itself to be the bigger dawg in terms of gameplay if you compare the two from last year. It may not have the bells and whistles that FIFA provides in the forms of ultimate team and general presentation but when it’s down to the core mechanics of football gameplay, you might be surprised. This year’s installment shows compelling player models, slightly slowed down gameplay giving you more control over actions and minor gameplay adjustments to improve upon last years already impressive mechanics.

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There’s plenty more coming our way later this year so if you don’t see your fancy, simply pick out what you’re after on and place your pre-order with to save up to 15%!

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