Astrology Books: Because Your Future’s Written In The Stars

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A Collection Of Reads We Predict You’ll Love!

It’s the start of a new year so it’s only natural that you’re wondering what 2018 has in store. Will you meet your one true love? Will you find your dream home? Perhaps a pay rise is on the cards, or the fame you’ve been hungry for since you were knee-high to a grasshopper is about to present itself. Well, there’s only one thing for it – see if it’s written in the stars with the help of one of our fantastic astrology books.

Like the stars, we’ve aligned a collection of the best astrology books available today. So whatever your zodiac sign you can start taking a little more control of your life and really own it. From books about angels and asteroids to alchemy and cosmic love, we’ve got everything you could wish for under the sun.

So don’t waste another second. Start browsing our selection – your destiny awaits!

Astrology for Dummies by Rae Orion

Astrology made simple, just £8.77

The ‘For Dummies’ books are always a great place to start. Whether you’re trying your hand at Adobe Illustrator or astrology for the first time, these books get down to the nitty-gritty in an easy-to-digest way. Author Rae Orion has been casting horoscopes since the mid-70s and has since taught astrology as well as written monthly horoscope columns for a number of magazines. Her handy guide offers tips on making everyday decisions, romantic dilemmas and big life changes. 

Angel Astrology by Doreen Virtue and Yasmin Boland
astrology books

Start loving angels instead, for just £11.69

Angel Astrology or ‘Angelology’ is a pastime on the rise so we’re expecting this title to start flying (off the shelves, that is). Discover the angels connected with your birth chart in this fascinating book, co-authorised by the well-known astrologer and Angel Therapist, Yasmin Boland. With 12 beautifully illustrated chapters, you’ll encounter the personality traits of each sun, moon and rising sign as well as the archangels associated with them.

The Little Book Of Astrology by Marion Williamson

See it written in the stars for just £8.04

Learn how to interpret the cosmos with this handy astrology book. Ideal for beginners, you’ll delve deep into each of the signs of the zodiac and discover how those twinkly little things in the night sky can help you reveal a clearer understanding of yourself and others.

Teen Astrology: The Ultimate GuideTo Making Your Life Your Own by M.J. Abadie
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Help them reach for the stars for only £11.46

Know an unruly teenager? Want to get them interested in something other than social media, pouting and answering back? Tame them with this fabulously fun guide to astrology. They’ll learn how to understand their own inner workings, how to maintain healthy relationships and to go after the life they’ve been dreaming of. Winner!

Seeking More Astrology Books? The Sky’s The Limit at Flubit

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