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Flubit apprenticeship

At Flubit, it’s important to us that we hire people from all different backgrounds to add to the diverse range of skills and experience we have within our team. It’s quite the melting pot here with staff from all over the world and from all different backgrounds working at Flubit.

However for many young people, particularly in London, it can be difficult to get your foot in the door of a great company to work for, especially if you’re yet to build up a lot of experience in the workplace. People that find themselves in these kinds of situations are relying on their enthusiasm and willingness to help, and ambition to learn and achieve to shine through.

That’s exactly what happened with our latest official Flubit employee, Dave M.


Dave started at Flubit as an apprentice as part of the Tech City Stars programme, something he was told about by a family friend who thought it’d be right up his street. Tech City Stars coaches young people on finding themselves their perfect job within London’s Silicon Roundabout community of start-ups and tech companies. (How ‘hipster’, right?)

Each Tech City Star completes a pre-apprenticeship course, followed by a period of studying Core Business Skills. After that, the stars work with an employer to ascertain which area of the business they want to and are most suited to working in.

Flubit seemed a really cool startup to work for. I liked the ‘better offer’ element and found the company video they presented really fun! It definitely seemed like an exciting opportunity!

Following a bootcamp where Dave learned various skills and took part in group activities, a few of the guys from Flubit came in to present to the Tech City Stars a bit about what we do. Dave found the Flubit concept really interesting and the innovative nature of our company appealed to him.

There was a potential opening at Flubit and Dave’s mentor suggested he went for it as he thought it would be a good match for Dave’s skills and interests – it turned out they were right!

Dave came for an interview (he actually went to our old offices as we’d recently moved!) and as he found out more details on the role he thought it sounded great – the role was varied and he felt he could learn a lot.

Dave Flubit“Everyone was really friendly and welcoming when I started the role, at first I was worried about getting things right as it was a lot to learn with plenty of systems and processes, but as I got the hang of it my confidence grew and I began to really enjoy the work.

“Throughout my apprenticeship, I had regular catch ups with my Tech City mentor who would visit me at the office. I was assigned work to do outside of Flubit, and had to do a presentation to the other stars on the projects I’d been working on and my role at Flubit.”

Opening his birthday present from his Flubit team!A year (almost to the day) Dave was made a permanent Flubit employee. We really value Dave and all the hard work he puts in, he’s also an absolute hoot to have around the office and is always cracking us up!

Dave’s advice to someone considering an apprenticeship…

“If you do decide to do it – embrace it. Have the mentality to get the work done, absorb everything you can, and have fun. Doing an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to learn and build up experience, and if you’re ever stuck or struggling with something then someone will help you. It’s tricky to go into a new situation and not have a clue, but if you stick with it and learn as much as you can from the people around you, do your best, it pays off!”

Flubit, intern, Tech City StarsDave isn’t our first apprentice to join us full time, a couple of months ago Darren graduated through the ranks thanks to all his hard work!

Congrats guys!

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