Adult Party Games For Guaranteed LOLs This Summer

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Get The Party Started? Game On!

With summer just around the corner, thoughts turn to fun in the sun – that means getting together with friends and relatives and letting the convo (and the booze) flow freely. Whether you’re planning on hosting a garden party, barbecue, hen do or stag night, there’s nothing better to top off the laughs than a few adult party games. But if you’re lost for ideas, fear not! Our helpful team at Flubit HQ have tried and tested a wide selection of naughty but nice party games to bring you our pick of the best.

Tempted by trivia? Dare to play a drinking game? Up for adult charades? Whatever floats your boat when it comes to adult party games, you’re sure to find something that’ll tickle your fancy right here at Flubit.

Here are just a few of our faves:

After Dinner Trivia

Exactly what it says on the tin – and only £11.28

Let’s start with something civilised! if you’re planning a fairly tame dinner party and don’t want to offend your guests with a rude, crude or slightly immature game, this tin full of trivia might just be the way forward. Inside you’ll find over 1,200 questions on everything from general knowledge to popular culture, odd facts and even tongue twister challenges. A must for anyone who fancies themselves as a know-it-all.

Games for Bored Adults: Challenges. Competitions. Activities. Drinking. 

Take on a new challenge for just £4.02

It’s all downhill from here we’re afraid – in the most hilarious way, of course! Picture the scene: you’re sat in the garden with a few of your besties, you’ve all had a few drinks and the conversation’s starting to run a bit dry. Hurray for this book! It’s jam-packed full of ideas on how to get the part started such as playing human Buckaroo with a sleeping stranger. There are dozens of other ridiculous challenges but do you have the balls to take them on?

Tabletop Roulette Wheel Set

Take a chance on roulette for only £9.57

Enjoy all the thrills of gambling without the risk of betting with real money with this nifty tabletop roulette set. Up to 5 players can create that casino atmosphere in the comfort of your home or garden this summer. It comes with all the counters and chips you’ll need, just add good mates and banter and you’re onto a winner.

The Little Book Of Naughty Games
adult party games

Indulge in frisky fun for just £4.88

Planning on a dinner party for two (wink wink)? Whip out this book and prepare for a night of naughtiness! You and your partner will get hot under the collar with this collection of cheeky challenges such as the Eurovision Strip Contest, Hussy Roulette, Snogging For Apples and Sexpionage. Ooh er!

More Adult Party Games? Definitely Worth A Shot

If you’re looking to sink your teeth into more naughty adult party games, head over to our Pinterest board and get the fun started!

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