6 Things You’ll Regret Not Bringing to University

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You’re probably buzzing that you got a place at university and probably, even more, buzzing at the fact you have a bit more freedom. No more nagging parents and no more annoying little siblings touching your things.

It’s probably just hit you now that you’re attending university, hence why you’re reading this article and you’re wondering what you need to bring. Your family (mainly your mum and nan) have probably started buying you little ‘nick knacks’ as they like to say for your massive move. You know the basics like clothes, tooth brush etc. But, what do you REALLY need? These 6 items are things that you do not want to leave behind. And if you do? Well, you’ll simply regret it and wished you listed to Flubit!

1. Alarm Clock
Ever gone bed and forgot to put your phone on charge? Well, you’re bound to one night make a ‘drunken’ mistake and forget to set an alarm on your phone or forget to charge it which will result in no wake-up call, meaning you’ll miss that important lecture.

Sony black cube radio

Sony FM/AM Radio Clock
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2. USB Stick
Whether using university’s computers or your own it’s too risky not to back work up. I can sadly say that you will have days where you’ll lose some work which you haven’t backed up. Using a USB stick can be so life changing when you’re approaching a deadline, unlike school your teachers won’t care if you lost work or if your dog ate it.


SanDisk 32GB USB
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3. Laptop/ Tablet
When deadlines are due for your whole university I can guarantee that you will struggle to get a computer in the library. Bring your own device that you’re comfortable working on so can crack on with work at any time.

Tablet and keyboard

Linx Tablet with keyboard
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4. Extension lead
How do you charge your laptop and phone and listen to music through your speakers when you live in a box room with only two plug sockets? Well, simply invest in an extension lead.

4 pluged extention

Red/Grey 4 plug extension lead
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5. Mini Fridge
If you love your food, you’ll defo want your own fridge. The chances you’ll have one greedy flatmate and one flatmate that is always skint so will also eat your food.Having a mini fridge in your room is also a great way to keep beers and wine cold!

Mini fridge

Russell Hobs 45 litre fridge
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6. Your bestie
Come on, look at the soppy eyes. I know you’ll miss that tail wagging when you get through the door. Sadly, you can’t bring him but it’s worth the try?

Dog in car boot

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