6 Banksy Air Fresheners You Need In Your Car Right Now

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Banksy is widely known for political and activist graffiti artwork, turning gloomy brick walls into masterpieces. Still, his identity remains to be known, which is what makes his work so intriguing. Expressing dark humour with politics and celebrities through stencil designs has become the signature of his success – and now you can enjoy some of Banksy’s street art in the comfort of your car (no graffiti cans needed) with our Banksy air fresheners, which are available in a series of famous stencils.


If your rear view mirror is looking a little lonely, why not jazz it up with the iconic Girl With a Balloon, which is one of Banksy’s most recognised pieces of art, also known as “There is always hope…”.

girl with a balloon - banksy air fresheners

Girl with Red Balloon Car Air Freshner – Just £3.64


How about this ‘Smile please, it’s a Banksy’ air freshener? This particular piece was created in broad daylight – however, no one spotted Bansky putting together this piece of art!

smile its a banksy - banksy air fresheners

Banksy Smile Car Air Freshener – Just £3.64


Or make a humorous statement yourself with the I am Banksy car freshener…

i am banksy - banksy air fresheners

I am Banksy Car Air Freshener – £3.64



Those with a love for cats or Audery Hepburn can appreciate the brilliance in the Audrey Hepburn Cat Attack Air Freshener, this will add a vibrant pop of colour into your car.


audery cat attack - banksy air fresheners

Audery Hepburn Cat Attach Car Air Freshener – Just £3.64


Looking to make a bold statement? This Banksy Rude Copper car freshener is for the bold and brave!

rude copper - banksy air fresheners
Rude Copper Car Air freshener – just £3.64



Produced for the Bristol Museum exhibition, the Monkey Parliament peice is worth around £1,400, but you can get the pocket-sized version for only £3.64

monkey parliament - banksy air fresheners

Monkey Parliament Car Air Freshener – Just £3.64

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