5 New Year Resolutions To Improve Your Work Life

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“New Year, new me.”

We’ve all uttered these four little words at some point in our lives, but only a select few ever proceed to make the changes they were convinced they were going to put into action, once the clock struck midnight on December 31st.

Old habits die hard, and as long as there’s a steady pay cheque being banked, it can be tricky to kick on and turn your career into something a bit more fruitful and rewarding. New Year’s motivation is an ephemeral thing for most people, but that’s because we often set ourselves too many challenges that are too difficult to accomplish.
At Flubit, we’ve outlined five achievable New Year’s resolutions that can actually transform your career…

1. Learn a New Skill

Constantly trying to better yourself is the key to success and happiness in the workplace. Learning a new skill is enormously rewarding, and can start with something as simple as asking a colleague about a particular piece of software, or attending a class in your spare time. If you have an hour free in the evenings, you could sign up for an online course related to your role.
Acquiring new skills can help you to become a more valued employee, and help you move further up the career ladder.

2. Make Your Workspace Your Own

Make the effort next year to turn your workspace into something that reflects and facilitates your working habits. If you like to take written notes. stock up on pads and pens for your drawers. If your office is a little stuffy, pop a potted plant on your desk to freshen the air. Spruce up your desk by adding personal items (football scarves, pictures, mementos) and give your monitors and keyboard a wipe down once every couple of weeks too, to keep your workspace clean and hygienic.

3. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Make a conscious effort to give something new a go this year. Visit seminars, attend workshops, lead meetings, contribute to the company newsletter, participate in work-related schemes. The thought of all this may make you feel uneasy if you’re not the outgoing type, but rest assured the rewards are plentiful. You’ll end up making new friends, gathering invaluable contacts, learning useful information, and developing a fresh sense of confidence that will keep you upbeat, and ultimately increase your standing in the workplace.

4. Don’t ‘Take’ Time for your Friends & Family – Make Time for them

There’s a big difference. Accepting the occasional call or “liking” a photo on social media does not constitute meaningful interaction with the most important people in your life! This year, cherish the time you have with your loved ones by freeing up specific slots to see them in person. Instead of spending your entire holiday allocation on three weeks in the sun, and your weekends on the sofa, use some free days to visit your friends and family. Work is important, sure. But if it becomes the only thing in your life, it’ll quickly become a depressing chore.

5. Take Care of Yourself

This is perhaps the most important resolution of all – and maybe the most misunderstood. Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean spending endless hours in the gym, or never going out with your friends or workmates for a drink. It means balancing your meals as best as you can, getting exercise a few times a week, and slowly establishing a healthy routine. The better you feel, the higher your productivity will be. In time, preparing a freshly made salad for lunch will just become another morning habit!

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