DIY Gardening Hacks to Try This Spring

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Mr Sun hasn’t quite finished putting on his hat just yet, but there are signs to suggest he’s getting ready to come out and play. The winter months are slowly becoming a faded memory, and we’re finally beginning to catch a glimpse of the warmer weather we’ve been craving, for what feels like an eternity. With the imminent arrival of spring in mind, we’ve put together a list of five superb DIY ideas that can spruce up your outside space in the best possible way, for minimal effort. After all, when the weather is more cheerful, your garden ought to look brighter and happier too.

1. Use eggshells to fertilise your plants

After your morning fry-up, don’t be so quick to toss away the eggshells with the rest of the rubbish. The shells are packed with calcium, so by cracking them up and popping them in with your plants, you’ll soon see your flora begin to thrive. The sharp edges can also dissuade pests from plaguing your plant-life too.


2. Use vegetables as rust removers

Vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet, but did you know they can also be used to rid your garden tools of rust? Potatoes and cucumbers tend to work best. All you need to do is slice them up, and dab the damp surfaces on the rusty regions of your landscaping gear. You’ll soon start to see that pesky orange substance begin to peel away, extending the life of your tools, and saving you a nice wad of money on cleaning equipment.


3. Protect your plants with a bucket

The weather is improving, but it’s naïve to assume we won’t get a few more freezing nights en route to the summer. You can protect your newly growing plants from these sharp and sudden temperature dips by simply popping a plastic bucket over them during the night. It’s a simple hack that works wonders, and it won’t cost you a penny.


4. Build your own birdbath

A DIY birdbath is a wonderful way to add beauty to your backyard and create a hospitable little place for visiting wildlife. An upside-down rubbish bin lid with a rock in the centre, a terracotta saucer, or a small disused sink with a collection of colourful stones inside are all incredibly easy and attractive solutions.


5. Rubbish bin rain barrel

Using a rubbish bin to collect gallons of rainwater will allow you to save a huge sum of money on your water bill. It’s surprisingly easy to do, too. All you need is a collection of tools – and a bit of inspiration for design ideas. Get Googling and you’ll find all kinds of different ways to transform your rubbish bin into a water conservation device!

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