2/5 of online sales will be made on smartphones and tablets by 2018

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eMarketer, a commerce industry market research company predicts that UK eCommerce sales will rise by 16% this year, while mobile commerce, known as ‘m-commerce’ will rise by 64.8%.

Research shows that tablet sales are growing considerably faster than smartphone sales in the UK, even though smartphone usage is far more common, and is expected to account for two-thirds of total m-commerce sales in the UK this year.

Consumers are becoming more comfortable making purchases on mobile devices

“M-commerce is seeing such good growth for a couple of reasons – mobile device ownership is rising rapidly, and consumers are becoming more comfortable making purchases on these devices. Tablets, in particular, offer a larger and more tactile interface for online shopping, which is why we’re seeing particularly fast growth in tablet commerce,” explained Bill Fisher, UK analyst at eMarketer.

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eMarketer expects tablet-based m-commerce sales to more than double from £9.28bn this year to £20.96bn by 2018.

Already, over one quarter of all online sales in the UK take place via smartphones and tablets; by 2018, eMarketer predicts that figure will be closer to two in five.

Sources: emarketer, The Drum

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