2016 Flubilympics

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As you may already know, twice every year, Flubit staff head out of the offices and get involved in a specially organised day activity that we like to call a Flubit day. This Wednesday Bertie Stephens (CEO) made a lunch-time announcement that for this month’s Flubit day out we would all be competing in our own rendition of the Olympics – Flubilympics!

With sandwiches packed, the Flubit team made their way to the Greenwich maritime museum where a special Flubilympics arena was set up. Every Flubilympian would represent their  respective departments in a fearsome competition involving bouncing sausages, penguin suits and inflatable castles. As dangerous as it sounds, everyone was psyched to get competing and try collect as many points in each of the events to take gold for their respective departments.

The Flubilympic commenced with 5 world famous events:

1. Bouncing Bangers



Team’s of 6 raced up and down the race track, bouncing on inflatable sausages to try and cross the finish line first. Only the fittest, most synchronised sausage riders would see success…

2. Penguin Assault


Dressed in oversized penguin costumes, one candidate from each team would chase to eliminate rival penguins until a last-penguin-standing wrestle match would decide the winner.

3. The King’s fall


Nominated team members (kings) race across human-machined treadmills, but who will fall, and who will conquer.

4. Running-a-bouncy-obstacle-while-balancing-cup-of-water-athon


A true test of balance and steadiness as competitors must race across bouncy obstacles delivering as much water as possible to the other side in the time given.

5. Soap n Slide


Perhaps the most dangerous event of all – because who wants soap in their eyes… Contestants climb a slippery rope slope and slide to try and get as many team member over in the time given.

6. Castle catapult


Trying to keep as much water as possible, teams must pass and catapult sponges over a castle wall to deliver as much water to the other side.

As the games came to an end the final scores were tallied and the winning team was crowned…

Congratulations to… The black team, lead by Abby… who came second and had the pleasure of awarding first place to Jamal’s Green team!

With the games coming to a close, we enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon feasting on a delicious barbecue fit for true Flubilympians!

Many thanks to Bertie for arranging a very fun day out and also, the event organisers who set the whole course up and reminded us what teamwork can really do.

The staff has delivered exceptionally to help get Flubit to where it is today and look forward to an exciting next few months where we’ll be releasing a number of cool new services. Until then we hope to continue saving money through Flubit.com.


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